Thursday, June 12, 2008

Instant Article Wizard Is a Great Tool To Have

Instant Article Wizard Review

Article marketing is by far the best way to drive traffic to your adsense websites, or any website or that matter. The amount of traffic that can come from just a handful of articles is truly amazing.

The only downside to article marketing is actually writing the articles and keeping ideas in your head fresh so you can continue to write new and unique articles on a regular basis.

In order to keep my traffic and earnings high i have been trying to write 1-3 articles per day and submit them to But like anyone i frequently hit a period of writers block that can slow my progress and potentially reduce my earnings. To combat against this i have been using one of my tools alot more lately.

The tool I have been using is Instant Article Wizard that was Developed By John Leger. I have owned this tool for about a year and really enjoy how easy it can produce and article for me to rewrite into my own creation, especially on topics i know nothing about! This tool works great for adding content to your sites as well!

Instant article wizard basically scours the internet for phrases that have your keyword in them then gives you a list of sentences to use targeted to your keyword. But it goes one step further and groups those sentences into sub categories that you can use. What i mean is that if you look at the article i wrote below it is broken down into sub topics. Each of these subtopics was offered as an option in the instant article wizard results and all the phrases came from them. Its actually quite amazing how such an inexpensive piece of software can do this that accurately.

below is an unedited article i wrote in literally FIVE MINUTES using Instant Article Wizard. If i spent another 10-15 minutes rewriting it i could easily have one article to submit to a directory of my choice! This was on a subject I have no clue about.

Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is all about balance between the soil and its nutrients, the water, the air, and of course your plants. Organic gardening is the oldest method of cultivation, it's good for your family, and it's less expensive to do. Organic gardening is a constantly evolving dance that allows you to be a full participant in your garden.


One of the basic tenant of organic gardening is to "Feed the soil and the soil will feed the plants". New gardeners are cautioned to put money and effort into improving their soil before they even consider planting, but few appreciate this wisdom. Plants get water, air and nutrients from the soil. Soil depletion of organic nutrients is one of the main causes of unhealthy plants and disease. Adding organic matter improves any soil's texture as well as attracting soil organisms that create nutrients in the soil.


A mix of plants will attract more beneficial insects and prevent a problem from spreading throughout your garden. Select plants that are suited to your site conditions. Plants that are well adapted to your climate require less maintenance and are more tolerant to adverse conditions. Don't choose plants that require full sun if you live in a shady woodland. Similarly, don't select plants that like a moist environment if you have sandy soil and lots of sunshine.


One important practice of organic gardening is to avoid the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers on plants because these can be harmful to beneficial insects, people and other elements of the ecosystem. While conventional gardeners use all manner of pesticides to control insects, grubs and other undesirables in the garden, organic gardeners use natural methods. Some organic gardeners prefer to remove pests by hand from the garden, or to use beneficial insects such as ladybugs and green lacewings, to eat those bugs that aren’t welcome in the garden. Washing insects off plants with a strong water spray from a garden hose is another method of physical control.

Organic gardening is one of the many ways in which we can get our share from the earth as well as preserve it for future generations. Organic gardening is a rewarding experience, providing your family's table with chemical free nutritious food. Organic Gardening is a wonderful thing your family can do to reduce your exposure to pesticides and help create a healthy environment for your neighbors.

As you can see the article makes sense and flows pretty good, after some rewriting its ready for submission to the article directory of my choice and it should take less then 30 minutes. Thats about the same time it takes me to write a good article on a topic i know about!

Although i do not use Instant Article Wizard for all my article writing efforts it does come in very handy when i am drawing a blank and can't get started. And it is a life saver when i am trying to produce articles or website content on subjects i am clueless about. Basically it just makes my Adsense efforts much easier.

What I Do Not Like About Instant Article Wizard

There are a few things i do not like about instant article wizard but they are small things in my opinion. For one thing almost every sentence has the keyword you are looking for in it meaning that you have to go through and edit out some of the keywords to bring your keyword density down to acceptable levels.

Also some times the program does lock up and freeze but this is rare. The good thing is that the program allows you to save your work so as long as you save you are OK. S

Also some of the phrases that are returned will not fit in but once you have used it a few times you learn how to skim through the returned data pretty quick.

The only other negative is that sometimes the results are all from a a couple of different sites that are authority sites in their niches. This is not a problem if you rewrite the articles

Even with the few short comings I found Instant Article Wizard is still a great tool to help you write product reviews,articles,blog posts and even useful blog comments and I highly recommend it!


Roseline said...

Instant article wizard is a very great tool in the process of writing articles and it has really made the job very easy for me.

D S said...

Glad it is working for you, i enjoy it as well. Its a great research tool and you can write great product reviews with it to!

Vinorama said...

Hey do me a favor im going to buy the wizard from you site. just get back to me via email - thanks by the way i like your post in the WF

D S said...

Email Sent, glad you like my posts. hope they help you!

ken said...

well, thank you for your IAW review. it really helps.
i will use it for more serious internet marketing income.