Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great New Niche Keyword Research Report-Digging For Gold

Are you looking for untapped profitable keywords with little
competition that you can rank high quickly in Google?

One big problem of Internet marketers is how to bring traffic to
their website without spending too much money in advertising.

One solution is to have a FREE traffic from Google through organic
search results.

Only if you can rank number one on your keywords, surely you'll
start to make money online.

I found a great e-book on keyword research from Jon Orana that teaches exactly how to
find profitable keywords with little to no competition at all. Yes,
NO COMPETITION. The same technique he does that brought 1,053,868
free visitors in 12 months to just one website.

With this book:

* You'll find long-tail keywords that you can easily rank that can
bring lots of free traffic to your website.

* You'll save money by doing keyword research without spending
ridiculously amount of money on keyword research tool subscriptions
or software.

* How to really analyze keyword competition

* Learn an easy and FREE way to find new keywords that's right under your nose

* You'll save money from any paid advertising like Google adwords.

* With the book you get a very useful keyword research template

* How to find ideas for articles and boost your article marketing campaign

The best thing is, he recorded a video to outline his technique and
he's giving it away absolutely free.

Go and watch the video here:

Don't wait for yet another traffic generation technique to come.
This technique is proven to work and it should be very easy to do.
This is your chance to finally to sell your own product or as
affiliate without spending money in PPC or banner advertising.

Here's the link again to see this amazing keyword research
technique video:


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Article Video Converter-Article Video Robot One Of The Coolest Video Marketing Tools Available

I just came across the coolest tool i have seen in a long time. In fact it is such a cool idea it is sure to be a hit. What is it, its called Article Video Robot

What Does Article Video Robot Do??

This Article Video Converter takes text or any articles you have and quickly turns them into high quality professional looking videos that you can upload to you tube and other video sites.

It also allows you to put images, music and a has voice over that reads the article as the text appears on the screen. These are very professional and effective video tools!!!

How it does it and how easy it is to use is hard to explain so its best if you just go to the site and watch the demo video that they have. Check It Out Here

With the new google video search i am pumped about this, i can take my ezinearticles and turn them into videos based around low competition keywords and hopefully double my traffic and profits.

You Can Try It For Free!!!!

You can sign up and provide a simple link to one of your published Ezinearticles and a simple video will quickly be made to show you how the system works and what you can expect. I think you will agree that it is very powerful software that will help increase your online money making or promotional

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009 Making Money WIth Clickbank Article Marketing Progress Update

Well march came to a close and i missed beating Februarys earnings by a few dollars. I was still able to pull out $460.99 in earnings. It would have been over $525 but i had a few returns.

Still I have about 15 hours of work invested this month writing articles so that to me is a pretty good return on investment. I have 102 live articles for my second product live at ezinearticles with 7 more waiting for approval. All articles are 250-275 words.

This month something weird was going on with CB. I had 4-5 day streaks with no sales and this was getting me worried.

There were even others on some popular Internet marketing forums that were experiencing the same thing as me. These were people doing consistent hundred dollar days then having sudden runs of no sales. Anyways It seems to me to have disappeared and went back to normal, for me anyway.

Even in this weird month I had my 3 highest earning days ever. I had two days in the $60 rang and one day i made just under $75!! I just need to hit my first $100 day and i will be happy.

I really feel it is all going to start paying off soon and I am looking into outsourcing some tasks like article writing and possibly article submissions.

The bad news is my first product i started promoting has really fallen in sales. It is a hobby related item and i think that once the economy picks back up the sales will start again, after all it is getting 100-150 hops per day from 132 articles.

I am also in the process of setting up a sales page for my own product and am curious to see how that works out! It is non Internet marketing related!

Additional earnings were $4.32 from bidvertiser, $1.63 from ebay partner network and $60 for a 10 pack of articles I wrote for another marketer. So all in all i Did over $500 this month.