Friday, November 28, 2008

Banned From Adsense-Clickbank Article Marketing Update

I wanted more traffic to my afilliate pages so i just went and put a redirect on some of my domains that have over 40 articles from linking to them. I redirected to various clickbank products in the niche the articles were in.

I did this Wednesday before i left for a Thanksgiving trip. I came home today to find a nice $40.09 commission on my account for a credit repair kit.

So far i have made $196.25 from clickbank and $32 from since losing my adsense accounts on november 14. Comes out to about $16.30 a day, just under what my adsense was by about $9.

WHile the numbers are still lower then if i still had my adsense account active it is a sign to me that i can do this without Google Adsense.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Banned From Adsense-Clickbank Article Marketing Campaign Update

After being banned from adsense i started down a path to article marketing clickbank products in order to replace my lost income. It started out very well on Novemer 6th with a burst of initial sales but has slowed a bit, i have not made a sale in the last 6 days. I am one third of my way to my goal of 150 live articles for the niche at ezinearticles and will continue to soldier on.

Where I Am At

I currently have 47 live articles for my niche at ezinearticles and am going to start rewriting the top performing ones and posting them to the following directories. I will link with an anchor text link to my ezinearticles from these other directories to see if i can bump up some of my articles in the google rankings. I will also inclue one link to my clickbank product. Should be interesting to see what happens. Each article will be 100% rewritten for each directory.




Article Performance So Far

Total hops for this niche campaign so far is 1024 hops with six sales. But with 47 articles and two links in each resource box and the fact that ezinearticles checks each link twice per article submission that would knock the hops down to around 836 then i probably used up the other 36 testing hop links and stuff so in total i have about 800 hops and 6 sales that equal $46 and change.

While not a huge commissions this niche is one i know inside and out so writing about is easy and makes getting things done for it much easier. Once ii have a better grasp on the system i will try a product that pays out better

I also sold an asthma ebook from my clickbank rotator ads that netted me just under 22. The clickbank ad rotator is kinda cool. It replaces adsense ads on websites and will display ads for niche related clickbank products. If you look on the right hand side of this post you can see them in action.

It is going slow and with the holidays coming up i think people are worried about other things and saving money for Christmas. However the niche i am in usually is very busy from September through spring and is hobby related. I do have full confidence in the system and know that once the holidays pass and the economy does not get any worse the sales should start to roll in more then they are now.

My next step is to try a few ads at the online classified advertising site USfree ads I also want to build a wordpress blog on the subject and maybe some other stuff if i have the time. A landing page with an opt in box is also a top priority as well but having a family with two kids under 6 is keeping me away from getting some of that done as quick as I would like.

Might Try Pay Per Click

I was able to get $20 in free Pay Per Click at bidvertiser and will be trying that out very soon to. Probably going to wait until after the first of the year for PPC though. i want to see if sales increase with traffic from the articles and usfreeads before i burn thourgh the $20.

I also want to give adwords atry but will wait and see what happens after the holidays.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adsense Account Disabled-Try This Adsense Alternative And Make More Money

After two years with Google Adsense my adsense account got disabled. I am really not sure what violation i was guilty of because Google will never tell you but I pretty much have narrowed it down to using unaltered PLR on really basic looking sites. I guess that put me i the Made For Adsense category. I have no hard feelings because like any business Google has to do what it feels has to be done to remain profitable.

Looking For An Adsense Alternative When You Lose Your Account

I was very nervous when i got the Adsense account disabled email. I was making anywhere from $600 to over $1000 on a pretty consistent basis for the last two years. In fact i was so content making that much that i never thought about diversifying or having an Adsense alternative in place to earn more money or keep my earnings if my adsense account ever got disabled. I was depressed to say the least.

The day after the email i snapped out of my sulking mood and got to work. I researched many different methods of making money online and settled on promoting a clickbank product. I knew nothing about doing this and figured i would find a good source of information.

I purchased a book called called secret article profits it goes over affiliate article marketing and kind of opened my eyes how easy it is to make money without Adsense. The method involves using simple redirects to have people land on the affiliate sites salespage using article marketing and clickbank hoplinks. Since i was already article marketing for my adsense sites i knew i could blast out 30 articles in a few days and see what happens.

The product i picked does not have a high commission, its around $10 but it is in niche that i have been involved in for over ten years. I figured this was a good fit and i could write some articles quickly around this niche and hopefully get some cash rolling back in.

The results were nice, in 12 days i had made 4 sales for just under $40 from 26 articles submitted only to Total time writing the articles was 5 hours, and i did it on my lunch hour at work so it did not interfere in my family time at all. The product has a conversion rate of around 1.5% so far. So for every 100 people that get redirected to merchant sales page i make 1 and a half sales or about $15. What adsense niche are you going to make $15 from 100 visitors???

My goal is to get this niche up to two or three sales a day then move onto the next niche and create residual income that way. The best part is that there is nobody looking over your shoulder and no terms to violate, clickbank does have a few rules but nothing major like Google has.

Plus when i did the math i was making way more with clickbank even with my smaller commission then i would with adsense for the same amount of clicks.

So my advice to anyone involved in just Adsense and nothing else is to diversify your income sources, its easier then you think and may just find that you wind up making more money then you do now.