Sunday, December 28, 2008

Article Marketing And Clickbank Progress

Well after my great week sales dropped off the face of the earth which i attribute to the Christmas holiday rush. I had no sales from December 20th-25th. But i did have two on the 26th and two more on the 28th. So i think that now that Christmas has passed people should be getting back to normal again and sales should pick up.

I wrote a few more articles and will be writing at least 30 this week but am shooting for 50 to have at last 130 live articles for this product. I have 80 live so far.

I did learn one valuable lesson recently. I had a sale that gave me about half of what i normally make for commission. I emailed the merchant directly and they told me they list the percentage of sale on clickbank based off the customer buying an up sell they offer not off the actual product price. They claim most people take the up sell so they feel OK about listing it this way.

Most of my sales took the up sell so its not that big a deal but something to be aware of and double check. Only two out of twenty four sales did not take it so at this point I am ok with it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Clickbank Article Marketing Progress

This week i had a sale everyday of the week except for today, that's a pretty good accomplishment for me and it shows me that my work is paying off. I am still redirecting all my ezinearticles traffic directly to the affiliate sales page.

The sales i had this week were the result of 66 live articles at ezinearticles. I have 12 more waiting to get approved and that will take me to 78 live articles for this niche. Considering its the week before christmas and most people are not shopping for info products i fell pretty good about it!

What I Want to Do Next

I have a week off of work between Christmas and new years and i am going to try and write 50 articles in that time to get my live articles up to 125.

After i get to 125 I think i am going to try and put up some squidoo lenses and maybe examine building a list.

This week I also made some free landing pages at Blogger, i used a simple technique and the landing pages are actually now getting a few visitors a day free Google traffic and the exit links on the sales pages have a great click through ratio of almost 80%.

I am going to leave them up and see if the sales link still has a good CTR then send all my ezinearticle traffic there and try to build a list as well as a pre sell instead of just right to the merchants sales page.

I am not sure of a time frame for all of this but i will get it done as soon as i can!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Selling Clickbank Products Through Article Marketing

This week should wrap up with 5 sales. I have not done much all week because I had a bad cold, then my wife and kids got sick. Now my brother is getting married this weekend so everything is on hold.

I did however set up a small Google Adwords campaign to try and sell the product through. So far i have made one sale from 10 clicks. The only problem is my CTR for my ads really stinks!
I have to work on improving that and will go from there and see if i can make some more sales via PPC.

I currently have 51 live articles at ezinearticles in my niche and from what i have seen so far i will need at least 100-150 to make 1-2 sales per day which is my ultimate goal.

I do plan on hammering out about 10-15 articles next week, unless christmas shopping gets in the way!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ArticleApps Article Spinner Is The Article Rewriter We Have All Been Waiting For

ArticleApps Free Article Spinning Software

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Article marketing is by far the best FREE method available to get targeted visitors to your we pages, blogs, ETC. It involves submitting short but informative articles to the top article directories on the internet. Your articles get published, read and visitors click the link at the end of the article and come to your site.

Article marketing has often been referred to as "bum marketing" The theory behind this method is that you could literally take a bum off the street and show him how to make money online using free or very low cost tools.

While it may sound very easy on paper what many Ebooks and article marketing gurus fail to mention is that to get any kind of decent traffic from article marketing you need to submit alot of articles and do it on a consistent basis! While simply posting an article or two once in awhile may bring you a small amount of traffic it will not get you very far. Instead you need to post frequently to the top article directories like

The competition from other article marketers also comes into play, many of these marketers are all targeting the same medium to high competition keywords that ultimately bring the most traffic. But the smart article marketer goes after the low competition or long tail keywords that are easy to dominate but bring little traffic.

This problem can only be overcome with one thing, article volume. If one well written article based on a low competition keyword gets you 3 readers a day what if you had 100 versions of that article submitted around the internet? That would be 300 readers a day from one article? Sounds interesting doesn't it? But you are probably wondering how the heck would i write 100 versions of one article, i would be doing it for a year!!

Well this is where article rewriting software like ArticleApps comes into play. With a article spinner like ArticleApps you can quickly turn out 25,50,100 or even 1000 versions of just one article! The article will all cover the same topic but will be written differently from one another in such a way that not even Google will figure it out! In fact they are so well spun that they can be submitted to the top article directories without fear of duplicate content issues! In fact with Article Apps you are only limited by the number of unique articles you want spun, and if you really apply yourself and use the software to its full potential these articles can be 100% unique!

This also sounds very easy to accomplish but you have to remember that you nee to submit these articles to the directories and set up the software to spin your articles. But in the amount of time it takes to spin just 25 articles and submit them you could probably barely write by hand 5 unique articles on the same subject . And with those 25 articles you could get 25 back links and at least 25 visitors a day to your site, but chances are the visitor would be much more then that!

What Does ArticleApps Let You Spin?

The Title- Because the title of your article is so important and you would never want 25 or more articles with the same title published around the internet the software will let you spin the tile for each article so each one has its own unique title! Hows that for cool?

Author Name- Enter in your pen names and Article Apps will do the rest for you assigning different names to each article, its fast and easy!

The Article Body- ArticleApps will spin your article based off the variables you give it. However unlike many other manual article spinner this one really makes it easy with some very cool tools. They have a convert words tool,a HUGE thesaurus, search and replace tool and even phrases to help you start and finish your articles, these phrases can also be st up to be spun as to be unique!

Resource box- Having 50 different versions of an article will do you no good if the resoource box is identical on each article! Article Apps will allow you to create unique versions of your resource box in order to maximize your article marketing efforts!

Once you spin the amount of articles that you want you can filter them by uniqueness levels. For example if you only want articles that are 85% unique then enter 85% click a button and anything less the 85% is gone!

You can also check how the articles compare to the original article very quickly and eliminate the ones that are to close for your liking!

Once you use this tool you will fall in love with it and wonder how you ever got by without it.

And the best part is you can get a FREE VERSION of this great software!

Making Money With Clickbank And Article Marketing Update

So far the clickbank sales have been OK but not consistent. So far for december i have made about $48 through sales. I do attribute this to not keeping up article marketing as much as i was.

I only have 52 live articles in the niche at ezinearticles and wanted to have 100 by now.

The reason for this was partly the holidays and secondly the fact that i was trying to find a good Adsense alternative for one of my mortgage sites that gets about 150 new visitors a day and used to be my main money making site.

I think i found it with Miva publisher network. I will let you know how that goes and how the payout are compared to Adsense.