Monday, December 22, 2008

Clickbank Article Marketing Progress

This week i had a sale everyday of the week except for today, that's a pretty good accomplishment for me and it shows me that my work is paying off. I am still redirecting all my ezinearticles traffic directly to the affiliate sales page.

The sales i had this week were the result of 66 live articles at ezinearticles. I have 12 more waiting to get approved and that will take me to 78 live articles for this niche. Considering its the week before christmas and most people are not shopping for info products i fell pretty good about it!

What I Want to Do Next

I have a week off of work between Christmas and new years and i am going to try and write 50 articles in that time to get my live articles up to 125.

After i get to 125 I think i am going to try and put up some squidoo lenses and maybe examine building a list.

This week I also made some free landing pages at Blogger, i used a simple technique and the landing pages are actually now getting a few visitors a day free Google traffic and the exit links on the sales pages have a great click through ratio of almost 80%.

I am going to leave them up and see if the sales link still has a good CTR then send all my ezinearticle traffic there and try to build a list as well as a pre sell instead of just right to the merchants sales page.

I am not sure of a time frame for all of this but i will get it done as soon as i can!


Anonymous said...

That's great to hear the progress. Can I ask you if you still link back to ezinearticles . There is a warrior thread where people say that linking to goarticles articles is more effective. It gets confusing if you submit 5 articles a day. Do you have a blueprint you follow for this? Do you social bookmark every article as well (and if so do you use software)?


D S said...

All i do is redirect from my ezinearticles resource box the merchants sales page from my own domain.

I do not lik to my ezinearticles from goarticles or my blog. I feel that Google will catch on eventually and penalize thhose who link article directories together.

For my 5 articles a day i just write and submit by hand to ezinearticles.

i do not social bookmark the articles.

Humphrey said...

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