Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website

All websites need traffic to succeed, most new website publishers are lost when it comes to driving traffic to their sites and think of it as some sort of black magic secret that is difficult and impossible to do. Nothing could be further from the truth and the easy tips i listed below will hopefully get you going in the right direction

Tip #1

To get maximum one way back links to your site article marketing is by far the best. By submitting unique article to the top directories you get one way links in your author resource box and also links from other webmasters who use your article on there site. The rules say an webmasters using your articles for reprint should leave your resource links in place and in tact, about 60% actually do this but it is well worth it. Submitting 1-2 articles per day based around LOW COMPETITION keywords is the best way. By low competition i mean you should not target the word REFINANCE but instead target a more specific term like CANI REFINANCE WHEN BEHIND ON MY MORTGAGE by doing this your article will more then likely appear on the first page of Google because not many other pages optimize for that term but many do for REFINANCE. In order to find low competition keywords a tool like keyword elite will save you lots of time and gives you not only daily search amounts but also competing page amounts for actual keywords. A tool like this will really let you zero in on low competition keywords and increase your traffic.

The top Article Directories I submit to are as follows: (had a recent PR reduction to PR3 but i get traffic from them)

Always remember to submit original articles to the directories and always use anchor text links in your resource box and write articles around low competition keywords for the maximum effectiveness.

Tip #2

Aside from just writing articles for the article directories you can also approach a webmaster of
a higher PR 4 or higher website that fits your niche and ask them for a one way link to your site in exchange for a unique article. The y basically give you a one way link for your 400 or more word article. Its a win win situation. Although do not settle for a link on some page labeled resources or links, you want a home page or content anchor text link with the keyword of your choice.

Tip #3

The next easy thing to do is to submit your site to free web directories, its easy to do and very
effective. Keep in mind that alot of free web directories require a link back to there site before
they will add you, the alternative is to pay to have your link added. A paid link is added much
faster and generally will not require a back link. It can however get expensive. A great tool
that can make directory submission very fast and easy is directory submitter pro.

Tip #4

Placing classified ads at US Free Ads is another way to get one way links and more traffic to
your site. For $12 a year you can have up to 40 ads running all pointing to your website with
anchor text links. Or for $10 a month you can have unlimited ads. For US Free Ads I write a
250-300 word article and include one anchor text link to a content page on my site and one to an ezine article that i wrote. If you chose low competition keywords your ads will in most cases show up on the first page of Google within an hour, i have had ads appear in 5 minutes at times! Google currently loves us free ads so it is worth taking the time to utilize it. Plus the extra link juice to your articles helps them place well.

Tip #5

Even though they are considered out dated and ineffective you can still get some traffic from
reciprocal links. using a service like link market is a way to get RELATED links to your site.
The only drawback to this service is that you will get many requests for links. I have limited my
self to only taking PR 4 links and higher and only request 5 a week or so. That way you will
build them more slowly and can be more picky. I stop when my link page hits 100 of these. No
reason just a number i have in my head and since it is perceived Google frowns on pages of links
100 is a safe bet.

Tip #6

Posting comments to high blogs with a PR of 3 and higher is another great way to get one way anchor text back links. To do this just put your anchor text in the box for your name and then your website link. Just be sure that the comment you add actually is useful and not just a general "great post" comment. Also make sure that the blog does not have a nofollow attribute for links, this can be found in the source code.

Tip #7

A quick post on San Francisco craigslist in the real estate section is a great way to get a high PR one way back link. Only problem is that it expires after 30 days so use them for getting a site indexed quickly or just add new ones every 30 days. I usually write a 200 word blurb about my service and use and anchor text link in the ad. Offer something unique and you may even get some phone calls!

Tip #8

Social bookmarking is a great way to gain back links and get some traffic to your site. Social bookmarking is basically a place where users can submit websites and page s they like. The most popular is a good article that gets dugg to the front page can bring you thousands of visitors. To do this esily try the free tools at and these will make submitting your site to the social bookmarking sites fast and easy.

Although there are many more ways to get traffic to your site these are the easiest and have been the most effective for me and hopefully they will help you to!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Example OF A PLRpro Article

Below is an actual article that i got with one of my PLRpro packs. If you search it at you will find about 6 matching results for this article. That is very good for a PLR article that was distributed to 200 people. The screen shot of my copyscape search that i did today at 6 am March 20th is below. I received this article on December 7th 2007 so there was definately time for people to use it and have their sites indexed. This is a true testament to the Guys over at PLRpro since alot of other PLR groups mass distribute their stuff it gets way over used.

Test Drive PLRpro for only $1 for 14 days!

Article is below

Look Younger Longer With Beauty Products For Mature Skin

Your skin tells the world a lot about you. With one look, people know how much you care about your grooming and skin care routines. If your skin is dull and rough, with an outer layer of dead skin cells, people assume you don't care about how you present yourself to the world. Conversely, healthy, glowing skin tells the world that you know how to take care of yourself, that you're organized enough to have a skin care routine, and that you want to look your very best wherever you go. We all age, and beauty products for mature skin can keep your skin looking younger and well cared for.

Challenges of Mature Skin

Maintaining healthy, glowing skin is a unique challenge for those of us with mature skin. Beauty products designed for us can help alleviate some of the skin problems that come with maturity. Doctors have identified some of these problems as:

Rough skin, in large areas or small patches;
Skin lesions, like benign tumors;
Slack, loosely hanging skin, due to loss of elastin and collagen;
Transparent skin, caused by thinning of the surface layer of the skin;
Fragile skin, caused by flattening of the top two layers of the skin;
Skin that bruises easily, due to the thinning of aging blood vessel walls;
Loss of fat below the skin, resulting in a skeletal appearance;
Bone loss, causing puckering of the skin around the mouth; and
Horizontal and vertical lines around the skin caused by facial movements and deepened by gravity and sleep position.

Beauty Products For Mature Skin Can Help

No single beauty product can address all the problems of mature skin, but a skin care routine using beauty products for mature skin can postpone the effects of aging and make you look fresher and younger.

One of the biggest causes of skin problems is dehydration. Older people spend more time in doors, where over-conditioned air dries the skin. Some medicines commonly taken by mature people accelerate the dehydration process. Therefore, the best way to improve the look of mature skin is to drink lots of water – 8 glasses a day or more.

Anti-aging skin care requires cleansing beauty products for mature skin. Cleansers for mature skin should contain plenty of oils and vitamins to avoid drying the skin. Other beauty products for mature skin include exfoliants, which remove dead skin cells, and moisturizers, which seal in moisture and prevent skin from drying out. Finally, hydrating and rejuvenating clay and gel masks are beauty products for mature skin that plump the skin tissue, smoothing the appearance of wrinkles.

Test Drive PLRpro for only $1 for 14 days!

As you can see the article is pretty well written and it only costs you about .$22 when all is said and done and you get 440 articles lke this every month for $97. Less then a quarter and you have some well written content that does not have alot of competition. Thats a good deal in my book!

Monday, March 17, 2008

PLRPro review

I have been a member of PLRpro since September 2007. In this time i have drawn a few conclusion on PLRpro and what i think they do well and what i think they lack and could improve on. Before I give you my opinions on the this membership site here's a basic overview of what a PLRPro membership contains.

Your Membership Includes

440 articles across 11 niches (40 articles in each niche, niches are voted on by the group)
Full keyword research in each niche
Affiliate product lists for each niche
Header Graphics for each niche
5 Website Templates each month
Articles done in 8 languages
50 PR4 sites that you can get links from to get your sites indexed and crawled

Site Builder
Automatic Wordpress Installer-(i have never used this)
Automatic Wordpress Uploader-(i have never used this)
VRE Handbook ( can be rebranded and given away, another nice addition)


With that listed i will begin with the most important part, the articles. The articles i have received from PLRpro have been in my opinion average. Nothing to terrible and nothing that i read and was blown away by either. Some articles have spelling mistakes every so often and a few sentences that just do not make sense. Most articles are over 400 words and i hae yet to see any very short articles around 300 words or so.

See an example of a typical PLRPro Article with copyscape results

Pretty typical for PLR content and when you figure that each article only costs you .22 ($97/440 articles) cents its well worth it. And for that price you cannot expect perfection! Plus you also get them in different languages which increase revenue potential even further.

It is also nice that each article group is limited to 200 people so the competition is much lower then many other PLR groups.

Most of the articles are written around lower competition keywords so thats nice to have! I have been using these articles mostly unchanged and have had very good success with them for adsense earnings and traffic on my static html sites.

Members are allowed to vote on the niches that will be supplied to their group for the month.

Keyword Research

The keyword research provided for the niches is great, it is right from wordtracker and comes in excel format. It has proven very accurate and i frequently will change keywords in articles based off of this list to target less competitive keywords. The fact that you get a wordtracker keyword list adds more to the value of the membership in my opinion.

Affiliate Product Lists

Nothing major here, just a list of products you can promote in the niche your site is in. It is nice to have it all in one easy to reference spot though. This comes in excel format as well.

Header Graphics

I really like the header graphics that PLRpro supplies, they are clean, sharp and pretty well laid out and look very professional. This is a nice touch since many people have no idea how to make one and would rather not use the free ones available online.


I never ventured to far into them but there is wordpress themes HyperVRE templates and XsitePro templates, there is actually quite a few but they do not seem to be updated to much.

Blog Network

They have a cool tool where you can write a short 150-250 word post with some anchor text links to your site and they will post it as a comment on one of the high PR blogs they have. It has really helped get my sites indexed and ranking quickly. This is nice because it gives you some back links right away and as we all know Google loves back links!

Site Builder

PLRPro offers a very cool site builder tool that i use almost exclusively, it allows you to set your keywords and even ill pull the first article paragraph for page description. It generates a HTML site map and a XML site map to submit to Google as well. The system uses some simple tags to insert your content and site navigation links. It will also set certain words to link to affiliate pages. I really enjoy this software and use it with a variety of templates.

Another great thing PLRpro offers is a step by step book that will help you start earning $100 in 90 days. This is great for beginners that are a little lost and overwhelmed. Some of the info in there needs to be updated but it will work as it is written. I follow my own plan however so i cannot say with any experience how well there step by step plan works.

How My PLRPro Sites Perform

All of my PlrPro site have a nice steady flow of traffic, from 10-75 visitors per day. They are all monetized with Adsense and make me between $.25 and $7 per day. I do little to promote them other then social bookmarking them, writing some articles at and a few blog comments. Like any sites the traffic sometimes disappears but always come back! I did have google de index two sites but i think this was from some stupid stuff i tried more then anything else. Overall the investment has made me more money then it costs so i am very happy!


While they offer a lot of great things PLRPro does have a few minor problems.

Forum: The main forum is really not that active and there is not to much knowledge to be gained from it. There are even some questions that should have been answered that were not. although you do not join a PLR group for the forum it is a nice addition when it is filled with active members and informative information. This is not the case with PLRpro's forum.

Article Releases: There seems to be no set schedule for article pack releases, if there is i am missing it. This makes it harder to plan your site building, and article marketing schedules around pack releases. All you can do is check daily and jump on them when they are put up.

All in all the positives out weigh the negatives with PLRpro and if you are looking to start earning with adsense then i think they are a great service and highly recommend them.

You can check out PLRPRO for 14 days for only $1 with no obligation by following this link

Increasing Traffic With PLR

Your success with adsense is determined by the amount of traffic you can bring to your websites. Without traffic you have no one to click the ads that make you money. But to get traffic you first need content for your web pages, preferably unique content. But getting good unique content for adsense sites has long been a problem for many people. To over come this a lot of people turned to article directories for content, that works but you are using articles that literally thousands of other webmasters are using as well.

To combat this problem there have been alot of membership sites set up that PLR deliver content to you every month that you can use on your site. Some are good some are bad. I am currently a member of two groups PLRpro and Nicherockets.

Both PLRpro and Nicherockets offer monthly PLR product content as well as many other valuable bonus's to their members. Being a member of both i feel that they both offer great products and they both have their strong points.

I will be posting reviews of each of these programs this week to help people make a choice as to what group maybe better for them. I should have one of them up today or tomorrow.