Monday, March 17, 2008

Increasing Traffic With PLR

Your success with adsense is determined by the amount of traffic you can bring to your websites. Without traffic you have no one to click the ads that make you money. But to get traffic you first need content for your web pages, preferably unique content. But getting good unique content for adsense sites has long been a problem for many people. To over come this a lot of people turned to article directories for content, that works but you are using articles that literally thousands of other webmasters are using as well.

To combat this problem there have been alot of membership sites set up that PLR deliver content to you every month that you can use on your site. Some are good some are bad. I am currently a member of two groups PLRpro and Nicherockets.

Both PLRpro and Nicherockets offer monthly PLR product content as well as many other valuable bonus's to their members. Being a member of both i feel that they both offer great products and they both have their strong points.

I will be posting reviews of each of these programs this week to help people make a choice as to what group maybe better for them. I should have one of them up today or tomorrow.

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