Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Backlinking Articles-The easy Way To Get It Done

Easy Way To Get Back Links!!

One of the fastest and easiest ways to add back links to your websites and your articles is to use profile links. Profile links are anchor text links in that you place in your profile page at popular websites high Page Rank websites.

The only problem with this method is finding the high page ranks websites that actually give your links a "follow" attribute instead of the dreaded "no follow". This was long and tedious work, but worth it was worth it in the end because the results it gives are very good and your sites rankings can jump rather quickly, even for some high to medium competition keywords.

Well the hard work is over and there is a now a link service that is giving you links to 30 high Page Rank websites for you to place your links on every month. The absolute best part about these links is that the sites they provide will give you a "follow" attribute. The best part is these 30 links will cost you only $5 a month!!

What You Get For Your Money!

This link packet arrives usually the first few days of the month and is a full color PDF file that shows you with full color screen shots and step by step instructions on how to sign up at each site and check the accuracy of your links on that page. As a nice addition there is also a link in the pack itself to each site that you can click and be taken right to the site itself.

How Long Will It Take To Place 30 Links?

It takes me normally 2-3 hours to get through the whole pack of 30 links. After i do the pack once i do it again using a IP hiding service and do it again for another article or domain a week or two later.

Although it sounds to good to be true these links actually work and have been helping my articles rise in the search engines for some very competitive keywords since i began using them about three months ago!! In addition a few of my articles are now PR 3 and one is a PR 4!!

Learn more about these links at

In the next few days i will give you some tips i discovered about using these links for maximum effect!