Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My First $100 dollar day on clickbank

I had my first $100 dollar day on clickbank and managed to do it two days in a row. All it took was some promoting of my articles and sending visitors to a review page instead of just redirecting. Although as i write this post I have no sales but its early so hopefully I get a few today! Nothing worse then those clickbank zeros!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gaining More Traffic From Your Articles at Ezinearticles.com

Recently like alot of people my click through ratio at ezinearticles has decreased meaning I have less traffic coming to my sites and offers then i use to. Alot of people including myself feel it is the new adsense ad layout that is underneath the article title. It is now 3 large ads smack dab under your title, i think alot of people see them and click away before they read your articles.

I figured there had to be a way to get people to notice my article instead of the ad boxes. I came up with a simple but so far effective way to get the readers eyes to my articles.To test this theory i started a new pan name account under my main account at ezinearticles.

What I tried was For every article i put a bold headline In bold italics right at start of the article. The headline was written like a question the reader my want to find the answer to.

For example for the weight loss niche the headline could be-

"Do You Want To Lose That Last Five Pounds Fast?"

I also did some resource box tweaking and with this new account I have 40 live articles since April 28th and have 2099 views and 520 click through for a CTR of 25%. This CTR is with a few articles not having my new resource box layout and dragging it down slightly. I actually have one article with a CTR of 65%!!!!

My next post will be on what I am doing to get those 25% CTRS on my new account as opposed to the 16% my main account with just under 600 articles has.