Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Clickbank Article Marketing Update

Well it looks like my approach is working well, you can see by the screen shot that my sales went up alot after last friday when i started blogging everyday about the product name. 

Here is a link to the post where is explain what i am doing

One other thing i have been doing is looking at my statcounter stats and when one of my sites is found by a unique keyword i quickly write a post around that keyword. I figure somebody already looked for it so someone else probably will to!

Secondly if you have an ezinearticles account you can go to your author stats page. Where it shows you how many times your article has been viewed click on the total number of article views.

You will be taken to a page that will show you the top 5 or so keywords for the month that were used to find your article. This is really valuable and can help you find some really good keywords!

Just keep looking for little ideas like this that can help you keep moving forward. And remember you need to do something everyday, whether it is a blog post or a new article do something because consistency is key!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Airsoft Publications- Take AIM Airsoft Magazine Comes To North America

Take AIM magazine Ireland's leading airsoft publication has finally come to America and has granted Atlanta, Georgia based exclusive distribution rights in north America. This is by far the best airsoft magazine avaible on the market!

What Is Take AIM Magazine

Each issue of this leading airsoft publication is roughly 70 pages long.It is published with high quality full gloss paper and professional high quality photographs. The average issue of Take AIM magazine will cover many airsoft topics that will interest any airsoft player or hobbiest.

What Does Take AIM Magazine Cover
  • Airsoft Gun Reviews
  • Airsoft Gear Reviews
  • Airsoft Field Reviews
  • Airsoft Team Profiles
  • Individual Player Profiles
  • Equipment Care Tips
  • And Much More
If you are in the hobby of airsoft guns then you will find something you like every month in Take AIM magazine Take AIM Airsoft publication is published on a bi monthly basis that can be purchases directly from

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clickbank Article Marketing Strategy Update

It seems that my new strategy might be paying off,since starting it this week i have had a 4 days in a row now with sales and traffic is picking up!!I am hoping i can get it back to where it was before! There is a screen shot to the left that shows my sales as of 10 am Saturday morning.

I have been writing like a madman as well, a new blog post everyday on the same few products is getting tiring. How many times can i say the same thing in a different way!!! I also noticed as I post to my blog about the products i promote i am moving up in Google for the actual product name. This is a nice side benefit!

In an attempt to gain a few more sales and more traffic I have begun to start using free web 2.0 properties to put up pages around low hanging keywords. All i do is set the original blog post up for spinning using Magic Article Rewriter.This has by far been the best article spinner i have used. Its easy and the creator is always making it better. It is manual so it does need your input but in my opinion thats the best way to go!

I give each sentence 3 new versions to pick from then change a few synonyms within the new sentences. I can spin a 300 word article like this in about 40 minutes. Then i submit it to about 15 web 2.0 pages i have using Web link Robot. This is a pretty cool program that will register and post to new web 2.0 accounts automatically and also post to existing web 2.0 networks! It also will spin the articles as it submits them. You just have to load them in spin ready format from magic article rewriter!

With this strategy i have been able to pick off 5-7 spots on some low hanging keywords. Not sure of their sticking power but i think a few back links to them would do the trick!

Anyways I will keep you guys posted on how this all shakes out! Hopefully i can get back to having $100 days a few times a week again!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clickbank Progress So Far This Year - I Wish It Were Better

Alright so last year i was doing great, had alot of $100 days and thought 2010 would start with a bang! Well it has been more like a fizzle! Sales from clickbank so far this year have only been $679.68! This is way off from where i need to be to meet last years sales goals!

I am not sure if it is the economy or what! I have the hops and went from converting 1 in 25 to 1 in 217, can i get a big WTF!!! Anyways i started to try something different. I took the names of the products i created and started writing articles where people want more info about that product. I then mention why the product is so great and how it will help them, i also mention one negative about it but nothing to bad just enough to get some more trust and credibility!

For example i am using titles like "Does Whatever Product Work" "How Good Does What Ever Product Work"

i also built a few blogs in the niche and am spinning the articles and using them as posts to the blogs for some extra traffic! Even with the blogs traffic and hops are good but sales are slow!

This has brought alot more order form impression counts on my clickbank stats but not to many sales yet. I am going to max out this angle and see what happens when the economy gets better!

Additionally i signed up for Aweber and stared a list in a few niches including IM so if you want to get on my list just fill out the ugly box in the upper right hand corner!! I won't send yo worthless garbage everyday, in fact i rarely email out unless i write a new post or actually find a product worth mentioning!