Saturday, March 13, 2010

Airsoft Publications- Take AIM Airsoft Magazine Comes To North America

Take AIM magazine Ireland's leading airsoft publication has finally come to America and has granted Atlanta, Georgia based exclusive distribution rights in north America. This is by far the best airsoft magazine avaible on the market!

What Is Take AIM Magazine

Each issue of this leading airsoft publication is roughly 70 pages long.It is published with high quality full gloss paper and professional high quality photographs. The average issue of Take AIM magazine will cover many airsoft topics that will interest any airsoft player or hobbiest.

What Does Take AIM Magazine Cover
  • Airsoft Gun Reviews
  • Airsoft Gear Reviews
  • Airsoft Field Reviews
  • Airsoft Team Profiles
  • Individual Player Profiles
  • Equipment Care Tips
  • And Much More
If you are in the hobby of airsoft guns then you will find something you like every month in Take AIM magazine Take AIM Airsoft publication is published on a bi monthly basis that can be purchases directly from

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