Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clickbank Progress So Far This Year - I Wish It Were Better

Alright so last year i was doing great, had alot of $100 days and thought 2010 would start with a bang! Well it has been more like a fizzle! Sales from clickbank so far this year have only been $679.68! This is way off from where i need to be to meet last years sales goals!

I am not sure if it is the economy or what! I have the hops and went from converting 1 in 25 to 1 in 217, can i get a big WTF!!! Anyways i started to try something different. I took the names of the products i created and started writing articles where people want more info about that product. I then mention why the product is so great and how it will help them, i also mention one negative about it but nothing to bad just enough to get some more trust and credibility!

For example i am using titles like "Does Whatever Product Work" "How Good Does What Ever Product Work"

i also built a few blogs in the niche and am spinning the articles and using them as posts to the blogs for some extra traffic! Even with the blogs traffic and hops are good but sales are slow!

This has brought alot more order form impression counts on my clickbank stats but not to many sales yet. I am going to max out this angle and see what happens when the economy gets better!

Additionally i signed up for Aweber and stared a list in a few niches including IM so if you want to get on my list just fill out the ugly box in the upper right hand corner!! I won't send yo worthless garbage everyday, in fact i rarely email out unless i write a new post or actually find a product worth mentioning!


Deb said...

Hi. I haven't been here in a while but it's good to hear what you are doing. When you say you took the names of the products you created do you mean you created your own clickbank products or other products you now sell?

Also you wrote above you are posting daily now. How many blogs are you doing this for as I do that on a few blogs and it is hard to maintain with a job!

adsenseinfospot said...

I have no products of my own, i just sell other peoples off clickbank.

What i meant was take a popular product like Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

I would then use use titles like

does fat loss 4 idiots work

how fast will fat loss 4 idiots work

is fat loss 4 idiots legit

how effective is fat loss 4 idiots

adsenseinfospot said...

I have about 3 blogs in this niche, you cn write a quick post for each one in about 45 minutes. They do not have to be works of art, just good enough to get your message across

Justin said...

I appreciate a lot of what I've learned from you on this blog - I've followed it for almost a year now.

Here's the thing; I believe, based on your posts, that you're wasting too much time on Clickbank when customers have grown tired of this type of marketing, and to make matters worse, the economy stinks. This definitely puts a damper on sales.

Right now, and until the economy straightens out (for the next few years), you can make a killing with CPA marketing doing exactly what you're doing and using CPA leads under 2.00 (zip submits) instead of an occasional Clickbank sale. You will make at least twice the amount of money. Trust me, since I've gotten into CPA's I'm almost making more money than my salary!

adsenseinfospot said...

Well yes and no, some clickbank products are dead some are not.

I can tell you the niche i am in will pick up as the economy picks up.

Right now as i am back on track i am converting 1 in 16 hops. Traffic is not huge but very targeted. In addition anything i learn promoting CB products can be implemented elsewhere.

I do want to venture in CPA but i have some SEO clients now and that takes up alot of my time, plus brigs me a nice paycheck every month. Just hard to spread myself around!!!

that's the best thing about making money online though, you can try different things and see what works for you!