Thursday, December 31, 2009

Awesome New Article Spinner That Is FREE, For Now Anyways

It seems that there are many article spinners on the  market, essentially they all do the same thing and offer little else. However once in awhile a good one comes along that really makes you say "Why Did'nt I Think Of That". Well one just appeared on the market that does just that. It is called The Best Spinner and it was made by John Leger.

This software is unique because it builds synonyms in a user made database. For each article you spin you can select three options.

All Synonyms

Good Synonyms

Best Synonyms

Once you make your choice you are taken to a very cool interface that lets you rewrite each word or short phrase with a few clicks of the mouse. And because you control the spin text the results are very readable articles that are very well written.

The best part is that this new software if FREE, for now anyways. so go check it out at

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My 2009 Year In Review!

Well 2009 is drawing to a close and i have alot to look back on this year. I had my best year in IM yet making over $10,000 and am pretty excited about that. I have learned alot this year and feel that 2010 is going to be much better for me.

My earnings for 2009 were as follows
  • $6015.53 from clickbank ( 334 sales so about a sale a day)
  • $2550 from local SEO work starting in July
  • $1500 from a website i sold
  • $400 from free lance article writing
So it was just a tad over $10,000. Considering I am 100% self taught and did this with out a list i am pretty happy. While it is true there are people who make this every month i did it working 40-50 hours a week at a normal job and raising two small kids!

All in all its not a bad year as i look back. But this year i hope to get into list building and maximize my income. I just started messing around with Aweber and if you would like to get on my list there is a small box on the right hand side of my blog.

Its a small little opt in box but I still have alot of learning and experimenting to do but for now the simple box will have to do! I am working on getting some free products to give away when you sign up.

Anyways if you sign up I won't spam you with endless product offers but hope to offer extra tips to  my list then I give on my blog! And i will only send you product offers that i truly believe are worth it.

Anyways I wish everyone a safe and happy new year and I am looking forward to an exciting 2010 and hope yo are as well!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Reason Why It's Been Awhile Since I Posted

It has been awhile since i posted to my blog, 3 months to be exact. Things have been going great marketing wise but i had some serious incidents in my personal life.

First my mom had a mild stroke followed by my son having to have an emergency stomach surgery out of the blue! Then my mother in law had a cancer scare. After all this my wife got hurt on an escalator in the mall.

Needless to say everyone is OK and doing well, it just took me away from my online activities  for awhile.

I am back now and will be posting again on a regular basis so keep reading, sending me emails and commenting and i will do my best to help you out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Backlinking Articles-The easy Way To Get It Done

Easy Way To Get Back Links!!

One of the fastest and easiest ways to add back links to your websites and your articles is to use profile links. Profile links are anchor text links in that you place in your profile page at popular websites high Page Rank websites.

The only problem with this method is finding the high page ranks websites that actually give your links a "follow" attribute instead of the dreaded "no follow". This was long and tedious work, but worth it was worth it in the end because the results it gives are very good and your sites rankings can jump rather quickly, even for some high to medium competition keywords.

Well the hard work is over and there is a now a link service that is giving you links to 30 high Page Rank websites for you to place your links on every month. The absolute best part about these links is that the sites they provide will give you a "follow" attribute. The best part is these 30 links will cost you only $5 a month!!

What You Get For Your Money!

This link packet arrives usually the first few days of the month and is a full color PDF file that shows you with full color screen shots and step by step instructions on how to sign up at each site and check the accuracy of your links on that page. As a nice addition there is also a link in the pack itself to each site that you can click and be taken right to the site itself.

How Long Will It Take To Place 30 Links?

It takes me normally 2-3 hours to get through the whole pack of 30 links. After i do the pack once i do it again using a IP hiding service and do it again for another article or domain a week or two later.

Although it sounds to good to be true these links actually work and have been helping my articles rise in the search engines for some very competitive keywords since i began using them about three months ago!! In addition a few of my articles are now PR 3 and one is a PR 4!!

Learn more about these links at

In the next few days i will give you some tips i discovered about using these links for maximum effect!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My New and Effective Article Marketing Strategy For Clickbank Products

I recently have started to change the way i article market. I used to just blast out a bunch of articles per niche at and hope for the best. While this system worked it just was not something I wanted to keep doing, mind you I was writing about 150-200 articles per niche myself to save money. Sales from this system were OK but sporadic at best. I was redirecting the traffic right to the sales page with little else.

I needed Something New

I was thinking of ways to get away from this method but kept drawing a blank, everything i read says blast out articles as fast as possible right!!

Well i strayed from the normal advice and it has been paying off nicely with a sale happening at least every day. As i write this I have made $69.17 On Clickbank so far today and am averaging around $50-$60 per day now. Not guru earnings but enough to change my life and improve the life of my family.

What Have I Been Doing to Bump Up My Sales

Well to start most of my sales are coming from only 10 articles, yes only 10 articles!!! Now on to what i am doing, although i won't reveal it all i will give you enough to get you going.

I started by finding an article directory that was showing up for Google searches in my niche and one that was low key enough to be able to bookmark at the popular social bookmarking sites!! Just search for some keywords and look, you may have to jump back a few pages to find the lesser known directories.

For keyword research i recommend and use digging for gold

Next i wrote 10 articles around some competitive keywords that got at least 5000-7000 searches per month. I also picked keywords that were people looking to get advice. For example instead of writing an article about weight loss i would write about losing the last 5 pounds or something like that!!

I also rewrote these articles and did submit them to as well as the lesser known directory that i found.

The articles were only 350-400 words and followed this format

1.state a problem
2.make the problem worse with an example
3. tell them one tip how to fix it
4. offer the solution in my resource box

I used the old article marketing tactics. bullet points, sub heading and two or three sentence paragraphs.

When The Article Were Done

I then bookmarked each article.This is where finding a low key directory is important. Most bookmarking sites have blacklisted ezinearticles but some lesser known directories can be bookmarked with no problems.

Next i used profile links at popular web 2.0 sites

For every site i signed up at i would do a full profile, upload a picture and then write my bio with two keyword anchor text links in my bio pointing to my articles at ezinearticles and the other directory i used. It worked like magic. In fact these links are responsible for me ranking for some very tough keywords!

What Are Profile Links

Profile links are links at popular sites like where you get a personal blog or profile page where you can leave a bio with an HTML anchor text link. Just make sure to write a good bio and not just plug in your link. Keep the links to about one or two per profile. Make sure to ping the profiles you create at

Profile Link Services I Use

PJ'S BackLinks

Angelas Backlinks

Next was the big booster that has worked like a charm.

I used two tools for this step.

The first is Magic Article Re writer and the second is Article Post Robot.

Magic Article Rewriter is a semi manual article spinner that is jammed full of features. What you do is enter alternate words in brackets and the program will generate article from those alternates.

for example you a sentence would look like this i need to {buy|purchase|get a hold of|grab|get} a new {car}automobile|ride|set of wheels} very soon.

There are so many features in this software thats it blows the other article re writers like power article re writer out of the water.

To see it in action check out this video

The developer of this software also offers an article submitter. It works OK but only submits to directories that use the articledashboard software so you are limited some what when compared to article post robot. But it does sign you up automatically which is a nice feature!

Once your whole article is set up like that you can either hit a spin button and make as many unique articles as you want or do what i did.

Once I Set The Article Up To Spin

I then take the whole article with the brackets in place and paste them into Article Post Robot the leading automatic article submitter that can submit to over 400 article directories and spin them as they are submitted.

I set the software up to submit to only directories with a minimum page rank of 3, that worked out to about 55 directories. What these two tools combined allowed me to do was to submit 55 unique articles that had spun article bodies,titles,resource boxes and article descriptions effectively submitting a unique article with a unique title,description and resource box to each directory..

At the end of each article i used an anchor link that was the keywords i wanted the articles to rank for. I pointed this anchor text link to my 10 articles at ezinearticles and the other 10 at the other directory i used for high rankings. In a short time of doing this my articles on both directories were climbing up the Google ladder and i have some that are on the first page of google out of 44,000,000 sites and some of my articles even have a PR 3 and 4 now!

Cool thing is that the traffic from the other directory is about the same as ezinearticles, so it is possible to get traffic from somewhere other then EZA!

So basically i wrote 10 very well written money making articles and promoted the heck out of them. In addition i also took some spun articles and submitted to popular web 2.0 sites like zimbio,wordpress,blogger,wet paint,squidoo,hubpages, ETC and pointed links at these sites at my money articles, my main site and each other!

Where I sent Them When They Clicked Through

My landing page was a real simple page were i put a paragraph pre selling the product and a picture of the product, under the pre sell paragraph i put a click here for more information button. that's it. I am converting one out of every 25 hops with this system and enjoying more free time to boot.

To tune this system I write and spin a new article a week that links to my money making articles and mass submit it with APR, I add a few profile links for each article, and add a post to my blogger and wordpress blogs once every week or two. Other then that the rankings are sticking and traffic is growing.

I know i was brief and If I was unclear about anything i wrote please feel free to ask me a question and i will do my best to try and explain in more detail for you.

This system goes against popular thinking and uses no list to generate sales. I do plan to add a list at a tlater date and see how that ramps up my sales. But until then i am happy with my progress!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a Quick Update and a Link To a Free Article Writer

Its been awhile since i last posted and i must say things are going very well. I picked up a local SEO job for a mortgage/real estate company and was able in a very short amount of time to get them on the front page of google for some very competitive terms and beat some of the large local companies in the process!!

So to my surprise i guess I do actually know something!:)

I also picked up a job to start a mortgage blog for a good friend of mine for $500. Should be about 5 hours work to get the blog and 15 SEO optimized posts up and bookmarked.Not bad money for the price!

As far as the clickbank earnings are concerned they have been doing well and I am averaging about 1-2 sales per day over the course of the month. for a amount fo $25 to $50 per day.

I have not been article marketing much or doing much of anything to promote my clickbank stuff and need to pick it up to increase my earnings a bit. My goal is a consistent $100 per day. I did just outsource my first batch of 10 articles and am waiting to see how that goes.

I also picked up a job to start a mortgage blog for a good friend of mine for $500. Should be about 5 hours work to get the blog and 10 posts up and bookmarked.Not bad money for the price!

This is really just a post to touch base again and let yo know i am still here.

But i also wanted to share with you a FREE product i found that helps you write articles quicker. There is no catch, just opt in and grab your product.

I have no affiliation with the product or its creator but i do think its a cool piece of software and wanted to let you know about it!

Anyways I will be back to share a few tips I have discovered over the last two months thathave helped me rank a site faster!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My First $100 dollar day on clickbank

I had my first $100 dollar day on clickbank and managed to do it two days in a row. All it took was some promoting of my articles and sending visitors to a review page instead of just redirecting. Although as i write this post I have no sales but its early so hopefully I get a few today! Nothing worse then those clickbank zeros!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gaining More Traffic From Your Articles at

Recently like alot of people my click through ratio at ezinearticles has decreased meaning I have less traffic coming to my sites and offers then i use to. Alot of people including myself feel it is the new adsense ad layout that is underneath the article title. It is now 3 large ads smack dab under your title, i think alot of people see them and click away before they read your articles.

I figured there had to be a way to get people to notice my article instead of the ad boxes. I came up with a simple but so far effective way to get the readers eyes to my articles.To test this theory i started a new pan name account under my main account at ezinearticles.

What I tried was For every article i put a bold headline In bold italics right at start of the article. The headline was written like a question the reader my want to find the answer to.

For example for the weight loss niche the headline could be-

"Do You Want To Lose That Last Five Pounds Fast?"

I also did some resource box tweaking and with this new account I have 40 live articles since April 28th and have 2099 views and 520 click through for a CTR of 25%. This CTR is with a few articles not having my new resource box layout and dragging it down slightly. I actually have one article with a CTR of 65%!!!!

My next post will be on what I am doing to get those 25% CTRS on my new account as opposed to the 16% my main account with just under 600 articles has.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Make Money With Clickbank-My Bum Marketing Plan That Is Simple and Will Work For You!

How To Make Money With clickbank and Bum Marketing

Here is a simple plan that I have been working on that I will be implementing very soon for my clickbank niches.The goal of this plan is to dominate lower competition keywords. If done correctly you could literally own the first page of Google for some keywords!

This is not a million dollar campaign though and may generate a sale or two per day or more or less depending on lots of variables. But if you can pump one of these out a month you could easily be making $100 a day in a few months!

Where To Start

Start by finding a product you want t promote the best place to do this is at clickbank analytics here you can see products and locate products much easier then the clickbank search option lets you. I tend to stick to niches that rarely change and alot of people want. Weight loss is one, it never changes and people will always want it. Where something like the nintendo WII has a limited life. Choose you niches wisely so they last along time!

The very next thing you need to do is find 30 low competition keywords for your product that you think you can dominate easily. There are many ways to do this but i have found that googles keyword tool works the best.

The subject of keyword research can take up a whole book so i will leave it at that.If you want a few advanced keyword research techniques that are out of the box and very effective check out

After You Have Your Keywords

Start out by starting a squidoo lense based around three low competition keywords in your niche. You can do more but i find that if written well and set up right three lenses work out well for me.

I try and setup my lenses around problem keywords instead of general ones. What i mean is set them up so they help people solve a problem. For example the keyword "How To Make My Belly Flatter" would probably peak more interest then "weight Loss"

To build a squidoo lense the right way I recommend One Week Marketing. It will walk you through a lens setup step by step and give you valuable tips that will help yo make money fast!

Once Your Lenses Are Built

Next by a domain name relative to your offer and use it to redirect to your clickbank offer. I use since they are reliable, priced well and let you redirect for free so no hosting is needed!

Try and get something that is related to your niche,if you are in the bowling niche a domain name like would work!

Start Writing Articles!

Next I write 10 articles to link to each lense (30 articles total) and submit them to the best article directory on the internet first. Each article is roughly 250-300 words and will include an anchor text link to my squidoo lense and and regular old with a redirect link to the offer i am promoting.

Once this is done I take these articles and rewrite each one 6 times. You can do this by hand or use a article spinner, i use Magic Article Rewriter its not free but it is very much worth it if you are serious about making money. Just remember to spin both the title and resource boxes to get maximum effect and google rankings!

When I have my spun article i submit them to the following article directories. Keep in mind you do not have to spin them all at once. I usually spin one or two a day due to time constraints!

I also will auto submit them to 100 other low PR directories once the articles are approved at the main directories. I use Article Post Robot to automate the mass submission. The great part is that you can load content in spinning syntax into APR and it will submit a unique article to each directory.

In Addition To The Article Directories

Next I start two FREE blogger blogger blogs and post one of the spun articles on each one. This gives me two free blogs with 30 posts each at the end. You can use wordpress as well but i prefer blogger and its ease of use. Plus i get less spam comments from blogger blogs

Bookmarking Your Blogs and Squidoo Lenses

I do not go social book marking crazy all i do is use the two most powerful social sites that i know of digg and propeller.I digg each blog post and squidoo lense also I submit each post to propeller. At propeller get about 25 friends and join relative groups and share each submission with the groups and your friends. They will prop your story and get it seen more and ranking better.

Just make sure your titles are the low competition keyword you are targeting and usually these will show up in Google within hours.

Your post will get propped and usually rank well in google and drive traffic to your blogs. Most article directories cannot be bookmarked so do not even try! Try and get as many friends as you can to help yo prop your articles. Submit some mainstream news stories every so often to avoid looking like a spammer

I also submit the RSS feeds from my blogger blog,article directories and squidoo lenses to the popular RSS directories (you can also start your own ezine here)

In addition I also submit both my blogs to this site alone brings in a few visitors a day so its worth , best part is it's.

Once this plan is complete I have 120 articles,two blogs with 30 pages each and three squidoo lenses,rss feed directories all getting traffic and making me money.

At this point I say move onto another niche and let this one run it course and see how the sales go.If researched correctly and using well written articles this plan should generate about50-100 hops per day. I will leave the campaign alone at this point but if the sales come in and If it looks good then write more articles and promote it more.

If it does not perform then all you have lost is time, and it should make a sale here and there so its not a total loss!

I will be posting some tricks i use for article marketing, blog set up and other things that help just a little bit!

Additional FREE Things you Can Do To Drive Traffic and Make Sales

place craigslist ads

free ads on

comment on relative blogs and hubpages

participate in related forums and use your signature to promote your blogs.

use yahoo answers and answerbag and answer relative questions and link to yor blogs and articles

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clickbank Article Marketing-April 2009 Earnings Update

Well its been awhile since i posted last on my progressbut i wanted to report my earnings for April. It was not a very good month. Total profit for the month was $296.88

I did get hammered with an unusual amount of returns in April. The returns amounted to $85.90 so the actual sales for the month were $382.78 but the returns just pulled me down.

I kind of took it real easy in April and did not write that many articles. I am starting again and the sales for the month of May so far are $202.92 with no returns so far this month. So it appears as long as the articles are flowing out the money comes in.

I did have my biggest day online in May as well $73 and change from clickbank and $24 from another affiliate sales through paypal.

I am starting to think that this method of redirecting my domain to the merchants sales page may only have so much potential unless you have thousands of articles out there.

With that said I may switch over to CPA or actual products and article market those and see what happens.

I started to mess with squidoo and try and promote a product ont here. Hopefully that will go well and i will report back on that in the future.

Sorry for the short post but its nice here in Wisconsin and i gotta run outside and play with my kids!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Effective Tip For Finding Article Marketing Topics

Just a quick and effective article market tip that i picked up from
digging for gold

Head over to yahoo answers and type in a keyword for your niche in to the Yahoo Answers search box.This will allow you to see what questions are being asked over there that relate to your niche.

Find a few questions that seem like people would commonly ask. Then using the yahoo answers search box put the question in the box and see how many people have looked for that question or related questions. If it seems fairly popular write and answer to that question.

Submit your answer in the form of an article to ezinearticles and other top article directories. Articles that have titles that include phrases like "How can I,How Do I,Will I,How To" Will do very well on the article directories and should drive you some decent traffic to your sites or blogs.

For example if some posts a question "How do I Lose Weight Cheaply" Your article title could be "Weight Loss Tips-How Can I Lose Weight Cheaply"

If you are writing for a new niche you are not quite familiar with You can even use the answers that were given to the question to help you write your own unique article,just make sure to rewrite it in your own words. This simple but effective strategy works well.

There are more useful tips like this in the New Keyword Research Guide Digging For Gold

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great New Niche Keyword Research Report-Digging For Gold

Are you looking for untapped profitable keywords with little
competition that you can rank high quickly in Google?

One big problem of Internet marketers is how to bring traffic to
their website without spending too much money in advertising.

One solution is to have a FREE traffic from Google through organic
search results.

Only if you can rank number one on your keywords, surely you'll
start to make money online.

I found a great e-book on keyword research from Jon Orana that teaches exactly how to
find profitable keywords with little to no competition at all. Yes,
NO COMPETITION. The same technique he does that brought 1,053,868
free visitors in 12 months to just one website.

With this book:

* You'll find long-tail keywords that you can easily rank that can
bring lots of free traffic to your website.

* You'll save money by doing keyword research without spending
ridiculously amount of money on keyword research tool subscriptions
or software.

* How to really analyze keyword competition

* Learn an easy and FREE way to find new keywords that's right under your nose

* You'll save money from any paid advertising like Google adwords.

* With the book you get a very useful keyword research template

* How to find ideas for articles and boost your article marketing campaign

The best thing is, he recorded a video to outline his technique and
he's giving it away absolutely free.

Go and watch the video here:

Don't wait for yet another traffic generation technique to come.
This technique is proven to work and it should be very easy to do.
This is your chance to finally to sell your own product or as
affiliate without spending money in PPC or banner advertising.

Here's the link again to see this amazing keyword research
technique video:


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Article Video Converter-Article Video Robot One Of The Coolest Video Marketing Tools Available

I just came across the coolest tool i have seen in a long time. In fact it is such a cool idea it is sure to be a hit. What is it, its called Article Video Robot

What Does Article Video Robot Do??

This Article Video Converter takes text or any articles you have and quickly turns them into high quality professional looking videos that you can upload to you tube and other video sites.

It also allows you to put images, music and a has voice over that reads the article as the text appears on the screen. These are very professional and effective video tools!!!

How it does it and how easy it is to use is hard to explain so its best if you just go to the site and watch the demo video that they have. Check It Out Here

With the new google video search i am pumped about this, i can take my ezinearticles and turn them into videos based around low competition keywords and hopefully double my traffic and profits.

You Can Try It For Free!!!!

You can sign up and provide a simple link to one of your published Ezinearticles and a simple video will quickly be made to show you how the system works and what you can expect. I think you will agree that it is very powerful software that will help increase your online money making or promotional

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009 Making Money WIth Clickbank Article Marketing Progress Update

Well march came to a close and i missed beating Februarys earnings by a few dollars. I was still able to pull out $460.99 in earnings. It would have been over $525 but i had a few returns.

Still I have about 15 hours of work invested this month writing articles so that to me is a pretty good return on investment. I have 102 live articles for my second product live at ezinearticles with 7 more waiting for approval. All articles are 250-275 words.

This month something weird was going on with CB. I had 4-5 day streaks with no sales and this was getting me worried.

There were even others on some popular Internet marketing forums that were experiencing the same thing as me. These were people doing consistent hundred dollar days then having sudden runs of no sales. Anyways It seems to me to have disappeared and went back to normal, for me anyway.

Even in this weird month I had my 3 highest earning days ever. I had two days in the $60 rang and one day i made just under $75!! I just need to hit my first $100 day and i will be happy.

I really feel it is all going to start paying off soon and I am looking into outsourcing some tasks like article writing and possibly article submissions.

The bad news is my first product i started promoting has really fallen in sales. It is a hobby related item and i think that once the economy picks back up the sales will start again, after all it is getting 100-150 hops per day from 132 articles.

I am also in the process of setting up a sales page for my own product and am curious to see how that works out! It is non Internet marketing related!

Additional earnings were $4.32 from bidvertiser, $1.63 from ebay partner network and $60 for a 10 pack of articles I wrote for another marketer. So all in all i Did over $500 this month.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pay Per Click and Clickbank-Looking For Cheap Alternatives To Adwords

I have been looking for more ways to sell my Clickbank products other then article marketing. I wanted to try pay per click but was scared away by the thought of losing money very quickly on Adwords.

After searching around i found i could get $20 in free PPC credit at Bid-Vertiser. The clicks are also very cheap, can set then to $.05

There also is no annoying slaps like Adowrds has, what you bid is what you pay. The $20 lasted me a few days.

Turns out that it worked, i made 2 sales that made me $48. Not sure if it was a fluke or not but i am definitely going to test it some more!! I could handle a $28 profit for every $20 spent!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Awesome Free CPA Report-The Best Free Report I Have Ever Read

I just downloaded and read one of the best FREE reports i have ever read. It was 89 pages and covered everything from keyword research to video marketing.

Even though the overall theme of the report was about CPA (cost per action) it covered so much more.It went over so many free resources that i did not even know existed.

I am actually surprised this guy gave so much away for free, I am sure he is selling something later on but the wealth of information provided is amazing!

So enough of my praise here is the link to go check it out you will be glad you did!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February clickbank article marketing update

my february sales were doing great then suddenly decreased. I still finished up the month with a total sales commisions of $463.42 it was $488.34 but i had one return.

So far that is the only return i have had so i must be picking good products!!

I am not sure why may sales decreased, i have the same amount of hops but the sales dropped off.I am thinking it is the economy and people are nervous about buying anything right now.

Additionally i had alot of my ads removed from craigslist and i think alot of my sales were coming from there.

I am re evaluating my craigslist plan and will report how that goes.

The first day of march looked good with $47.72 as of 3:30 pm CST so maybe that will be an indicator that things will turn around for me.

I have to do better then last month or i will be frustrated to say the least.

And again all the sales are either from craigslist ads or ezinearticles redirecting right to the merchants sales page and no website of my own.

Clickbank Hop adbuilder-Cool New Clickbank Adbox Builder

Clickbank has just released a very cool new tool called hop ad builder this is a very cool tool that lets you build adsense type ad boxes for clickbank products.

With these ads you will not be paid per click but per sale when someone buys a product.How much you earn per sale varies with different products but expect anywhere from $10 to $50 on average in most niches.

This new tool is nice because for awhile the only way you could accomplish this was with a paid piece of software. Now its free fro the good people at Clickbank.

So if you have adsense sites that pay out very low or were banned from adsense these maybe a good alternative for you. I think they will do great in the weight loss and make money online niche.

If you look to the right you will see these ads in action on my blog. So go check it out at

You will need a Clickbank account to see the hopbuilder so if you do not have one grab one here

Friday, February 13, 2009

Earnings With Clickbank Article Marketing

Since i have been reporting on my clickbank earnings i thought i would post some proof of what i am posting. Here is a screen shot i took at 8:50 CST on the 13th of February. As you can see i have good days and bad days for sales. But with consistent effort and work my earnigns and sales are starting to pick up more and more.

I would never go back to adsense again after getting my clickbank efforts to start producing a profit for me.

I do not miss that feeling of wondering about being Adsense compliant of if i am getting click bombed or anything else that would jeopardize my account.

All of my efforts were done with free methods like article marketing, craigslist, blog comments and other popular free methods.

While these earnings are not huge by clickbank standards they are a decent side income for me and i feel good about going from zero clickbank sales to a few hundred a month in 2 and a half months.

As of February 12th i had earned $250.45 in sales that puts me at $20.87 a day. Since i was making between $25 and $30 a day with adsense I am thrilled with those numbers!!

February 1st-12th Clickbank Earnings Shot

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Article Marketing Clickbank Products Update

Well the month of January was OK total sales for that month were $305.03 Not that great but much better then when i started out. February is starting out great. I started promoting a new product that pays out over $20 per sale and over $40 if they buy the up sell. I sold 4 a the end of January so that helped boost the earnings.

So far a few have bought the up sell and sales so far for February are $65.06 which makes me feel pretty good considering it is only the third day of the month so i feel i should easily pass last months $300 mark.

The new product i am promoting i have been using article marketing, and a few other free methods like blog comments and craigslist so it has really not cost me anything to increase my earnings accept time. I am averaging about a sale per 150 hops which to me is not to bad.

I did accomplish getting to #1 author in my first niche and having 11 out of 15 spots in the most viewed articles section at ezinearticles which i am sure is helping to fuel sales of the older product i promoted. I have 132 live articles for the product I am promoting.

My goal is to have at least 3-4 good campaigns up this year to help increase my income, i am going to stick to things people like and need. Weight loss, make money and maybe one more that i have yet to decide.

FAP Turbo Review-Make Money With Forex Trading

FAP Turbo Review

FAP Turbo is the latest hot robot to hit the forex scene, and this FAP Turbo review will give you the lowdown on whether this automated forex system that has been making headlines on the internet is really as good as people claim.

New forex robots appear several times a year - sometimes they appear and disappear so fast that it is hard to keep up with them all. Each one entices buyers by claiming to be better than the one before, but is it true?

But without further delay, let's get down to the specifics of FAPTurbo.

Earnings Potential

We have to be very careful what we say in this FAPTurbo review because there can never be any guarantee of earnings. No system is 100% perfect, it always depends on the user and the settings that they choose. You may lose money when you trade forex. But I guess you knew that already ...

The FAP Turbo site owners mention profits of $1000 to $3000 per day. Another user's profit records that I have seen online show over $30,000 in about 40 days on a $5,000 account. These are huge sums and raise sceptical thoughts in even the most optimistic of minds.

When a website makes claims like this in order to sell a product, they have to be able to back it up with proof if requested. That is a legal requirement. So I think we can be fairly sure that with a high profile product like this, the results that they show on the FAPTurbo site are probably real. However, I would not be sure about the other site and anyway, that does not mean that you or I would have the same massive profits. However, online users' reports of live trading are good that FAP Turbo has continually shown a profit in live testing in the GBP/EUR market.

Skill Level

FAPTurbo is going to work best for the intermediate level trader and upwards. That means that to get the most out of FAPTurbo you will need to have some understanding and experience of forex trading. There are a lot of different settings to select. Of course the truth is that its complexity and number of options is its strength, but if you do not even understand the principles of forex you will have to put in some training time.

Some reviewers go so far as to say that beginners should not get it. I do not agree with this. I think that if you are a beginner who is willing to learn, then getting FAP Turbo from the get-go may be the best way to go. Sure you will have to put in some work to figure it out, but that is true of forex in general. If FAPTurbo is the best around, then isn't it better to learn on the best, rather than messing around with other systems and then trying to switch over later?

So what I would say is that beginners can go ahead, but don't expect to start making $1000 a day from tomorrow. Set aside a good chunk of time, watch all of the videos before you start, read all of the documentation in the FAQ enough times that you understand it, and also go through everything in the new FAPTurbo forum. Don't put real money in before you are ready. And most importantly - don't quit if you run into trouble setting up! Just ask in the forum or call their telephone support.

Setup And Training

How to set up FAP Turbo is covered in a series of 5 videos plus an FAQ section on the website and the new forum. The videos are short, clear and professional. They do not waste your time and should be fine for the average intelligent beginner to follow. Technical knowledge is not required. The video topics are:

1. Choosing broker & Metatrader4 Setup.

2. FAPTurbo Easy Installer Setup Wizard.

3. Activation of FAPTurbo and proper settings.

4. Scalper Strategy System and settings.

5. Long Term Strategy and settings.

Full telephone support is provided. This is very unusual with this type of product and is definitely an extra benefit.


Like most forex robots, FAP Turbo runs on the MetaTrader4 platform which requires Windows 2000, XP or Vista.


At the time of writing this review there is a launch price offer that is superb value at just $149. You will need to visit the site to find out the current price - it may have increased by the time you read this. But it is a one-time payment, not a monthly fee, and if you find it at anything below $400 you will be getting an amazing deal.


For a monthly fee, the robot can be hosted on a central server instead of on your own PC. This means you can turn off your PC and not have to worry about whether your internet connection will go down when you are out or sleeping, missing important trades.

If you are completely new to forex you might not want to get this hosting upgrade right away but set up FAP Turbo and try it out with a demo account first. Intermediate traders will see the value and sign up for the remote hosting from day one.

Guarantee - 100%

If you need a refund for any reason you will get this automatically on request from the vendor Clickbank within a 60 day period. You do not have to negotiate with the product owners at all.

Conclusion - 5 stars

Yes, new forex robots do appear all the time but that is simply because the software is constantly evolving. Something better may be just around the corner but we all need a system that works today. If you are in the market for an automated forex system either as a beginner or to upgrade from your current system, our conclusion for this FAP Turbo review is that FAP Turbo is the best you can buy right now.

To Grab Your Copy Of FAP Turbo Click Here

Monday, January 12, 2009

Clickbank Article Marketing Progress Update

January started off very very well. I made six sales in the first four days of the year for a total of $100.88. I also had a few days with

This may seem low for six sales but the initial product i was promoting only paid out just under $10. But i also sold a credit repair course and a copy of Instant Article Wizard for a combined commission of $55.41.

Then right after the 4th it slowed very badly, i had one sale on the 6th and another on the 8th and nothing since from clickbank. Alot of hops but no sales!!!

Although i did make a $47 commission from selling a copy of a cool article submission tool called article post robot on the 12th and also sold an old website i had for $75 on the same day.

I also made my first Ebay partner network commission of $4.57, just under the minimum payout of $5. This is from writing some simple hubpages and using their tools to display Ebay Ads.

So all in all January is not good but not bad, time will tell.

I now have 114 live articles at for this niche and another 4 waiting for review. I fell short of my writing goal over my vacation but had a great relaxing twelve days off work.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Different Uses For Instant Article Wizard

Over the last week i have been using blog commenting and commenting on hubpages to bring in more traffic to my clickbank product pages. Some niches were easy because i knew alot about them.

While others I knew very little about and i had to think about what to type or quickly research an intelligent comment. That took to much time.

To get around the time issue i was using i got an idea to use Instant Article Wizard to generate information i could use to post an intelligent on topic comment. I worked out very well and none of my comment got deleted as spam and all were published.

Another thing i used Instant Article Wizard for recently was to write product reviews. I never thought of using it like this before but it worked great. I just typed something like "cannon digital cameras are"

Instant Article Wizard would then return hundreds of sentences that started with that specific term. Writing a review about the topic was very easy.

You could get even more specific and use actual product names and write a review or product overview really fast.

Instant article wizard definitely has more uses then just writing articles and having found a new use for an old tool is something that makes me pretty happy.