Thursday, December 31, 2009

Awesome New Article Spinner That Is FREE, For Now Anyways

It seems that there are many article spinners on the  market, essentially they all do the same thing and offer little else. However once in awhile a good one comes along that really makes you say "Why Did'nt I Think Of That". Well one just appeared on the market that does just that. It is called The Best Spinner and it was made by John Leger.

This software is unique because it builds synonyms in a user made database. For each article you spin you can select three options.

All Synonyms

Good Synonyms

Best Synonyms

Once you make your choice you are taken to a very cool interface that lets you rewrite each word or short phrase with a few clicks of the mouse. And because you control the spin text the results are very readable articles that are very well written.

The best part is that this new software if FREE, for now anyways. so go check it out at

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