Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My 2009 Year In Review!

Well 2009 is drawing to a close and i have alot to look back on this year. I had my best year in IM yet making over $10,000 and am pretty excited about that. I have learned alot this year and feel that 2010 is going to be much better for me.

My earnings for 2009 were as follows
  • $6015.53 from clickbank ( 334 sales so about a sale a day)
  • $2550 from local SEO work starting in July
  • $1500 from a website i sold
  • $400 from free lance article writing
So it was just a tad over $10,000. Considering I am 100% self taught and did this with out a list i am pretty happy. While it is true there are people who make this every month i did it working 40-50 hours a week at a normal job and raising two small kids!

All in all its not a bad year as i look back. But this year i hope to get into list building and maximize my income. I just started messing around with Aweber and if you would like to get on my list there is a small box on the right hand side of my blog.

Its a small little opt in box but I still have alot of learning and experimenting to do but for now the simple box will have to do! I am working on getting some free products to give away when you sign up.

Anyways if you sign up I won't spam you with endless product offers but hope to offer extra tips to  my list then I give on my blog! And i will only send you product offers that i truly believe are worth it.

Anyways I wish everyone a safe and happy new year and I am looking forward to an exciting 2010 and hope yo are as well!

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