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How To Earn More With Adsense-Making Adsense Work For You Takes The Right System

Making money with Google adsense is something that many people attempt at and many people fail at. Although if you can approach it with the right plan of attack you an make a very nice side income, maybe even replace your daily jobs income. I currently use the system i am about to describe to make on average between $800-$1200 USD per month depending on traffic and click payout, and i do this working only on my lunch hour at work and a few hours on the weekend. All in all i probably put about 25 hours into my adsense efforts per month.

Pick The Right Niches Not The Fun Ones

Many adsense books and course tell you to start with a niche you know about and are interested in. They tell you this because its easy to write about things you like, but taking the easy way rarely gets anyone rich! Bottom line is write about something that pays well for your time, if it ends up to be something you like all the better.

To start with you need to pick a niche that has high bid prices in adwords, its also great if that niche has large corporate advertisers with huge ad budgets.
You can find this at just by entering the keyword in the search box you can see how many adwords advertisers there are and what the bid range is.
Stick with bid ranges that start at $2, at this level the advertisers probably have some capital backing them up and will bid higher in the google adwords content network which is where the google adsense ads come from.

Some of the best niches are in the mortgage, credit card, insurance and legal niches. These can easily payout over $2 per click so you may need very little traffic to make $10, $20 or even $100 per day.

Finding Good Keywords

First off keyword research is more like an educated guess more then anything. How often a keyword is searched for and what the competition is for that word can change on a daily basis. Although it is still better then guessing blindly in the dark!

Where To Get keyword's

Go to and enter the keyword you want to check, for example enter mortgage refinance (a great paying niche) and it will return the 100 most popular keywords.

Next to those keywords is a number that tells how many times PER DAY that term is looked for on google. Find keywords with daily searches of 5 and above. Next enter that keyword with quotes "example keyword search" in google. The results that come up will show the amount of pages optimized for that keyword.

The lower the number of pages that gets returned the better it is for you. However you have to look at more then just the number of competing pages. You also have to look at the pages themselves. What is the Page rank of those pages. Are they keyword optimized for the keyword and do they use the keyword in the URL or page title?

If you see sites like, on the front page you can pretty much figure you will have a hard time placing on the front page for that keyword and move onto the next one.

Google also has a great new keyword tool that supplies a lot more information the wordtracker. I just prefer wordtracker because i am used to it and it has worked for me.

Make Your Site

Many people use blogs for their adsense sites, while they work great i just prefer static HTMl sites and have ha good luck with them. With that in mind i will focus on HTML site building but if you use blogger or wordpress the methods will still wok the same. What i recommend for a good adsense site is making a 10 page website and writing your own content, rewriting PLR material or paying to have the content written for you.
Write the pages around keywords that have lower competition as described above. How you make the site is up to you. There are many programs that can turn articles into fast websites, programs like hypervre work well. Or you can grab a template and edit it quickly. I like and use this adsense template as it looks clean and has given me a good CTR and is very cheap. You will also need a HTML editor to edit your pages you can does this with a free HTML editor like
But if you are a little scared of editing HTML code you can always try Xsitepro this program can turnout some great looking sites with very little effort on the part of the user.

Place Your Adsense Ads

The next step after you get your site template and content written is to place your ads. On most sites the best ad format is going to be large 336 X 280 rectangle block placed above the content and under the title. However keep in mind Google is very picky about what the title says if the links are under it. If they are unhappy they may warn you, stop serving ads to your site or ban your account. They are looking for titles that lead the reader to believe the links hold more information, how they judge this is a mystery so to be safe i always put the ads over the title. While the 336x280 ads work well some people change this to the 300 X 250 or the 250 X 250 and have better luck.
Every site is different so experiment with yours. I also run a 160 x 600 skyscraper down the right side as i have fond the right side converts better the the left by just a little bit. I sometimes will change this adsense unit to an affiliate banner ad but for the most part i leave it as a adsense block.

When it comes to ad color I have found that the standard link color works the best on my sites. The code for this is 000FF and is the standard blue link color.
There has been some recent buzz about changing the links to red, i tried this and saw no increase or decrease in CTR so i like to leave it blue as it appears more natural to me. Again every site is different and Google makes changing colors very easy now, you can do it right in your adsense account. If you have the old adsense code you will have to change it for a the new style. As far as the text under the link i leave it all black or grey depending on my site.

Tracking Your Adsense Clicks

In order to fully analyze your adsense sites you need to know where your clicks are coming from. Fortunately Google makes this very easy for you by letting you set ad channel.
To set an add channel just click the add new channel link when you get to the channels page when generating your adsense code. What channels will do is tell you what ad block is generating clicks, this way you can track any modifications you make to ad layout or color. Without channels you are just guessing. You can also see your best performing sites and try and drive more traffic to them to make even more money.
For my sites i set two ad channels i refer to them as “site name” side and “site name” upper.

Drive Traffic To Your Sites

This is the part that can make or break your website. No matter how pretty your site is or how perfectly your a layout is without visitors you have no clicks or money coming in. Everyone has a unique approach to the way they drive traffic and i have developed my own method that has proved to work for me and give me a pretty good consistent stream of traffic.
I will lay it out in steps that are very easy to follow.

1. I write over a period of 30 days 30-40 articles based around some low to medium competition keywords and submit them at a rate of one per day. I do this using a program called article past robot to automate the submission and submit them to about 10 article directories.
I always submit to by hand first them i submit to the rest of the directories 24 hours later. If you are having a hard time writing article you can use instant article wizard to help you. Just remember to rewrite the articles it produces.

2.After the articles are written and published i start a blog at and using the articles i wrote as content and leaving the author resource box in place.
I just basically copy and paste everything from I post once per day to once every few days on each blog. Each post takes about 1 minute to make. After the first few posts i social book mark each blog at and I also ping each blog after each post at

3.At the same time i will grab a free site at and make a short five page site that includes a links resource page that has anchor text links pointing to all my ezinearticles.
The site is filled with some quickly rewritten content i either get from my site content, ezinearticles or PLR if i have it. I do the same over at and will use digg and propeller again to social bookmark them.

4.Next I head over to and make a quick lense for my niche and again i just quickly rewrite some content and make a resource links page. Only this time i include anchor text links to my main website and my weebly website. Again i use digg and propeller to social bookmark the lense. Along with squidoo i will also utilize and write a few hub with some anchor text links in them pointing to my sites.

5.I will then go back and social bookmark all my ezinearticles using the tools available from and also a great one at These free tools make it very fast to social book mark your sites. Keep in mind some sites may not allow ezinearticle submissions but many do. The best site to social book mark on is and there policy on ezinearticle submissions varies from week to week so always check and see if they are allowing them, its worth eh few minutes it takes. To get around that i will bookmark the resource page on my weeboly site that has anchor text links pointing to may ezinearticles.

6.After all my sites are made and all bookmarking has been done i will go submit a few comments on blogs. When i do this i enter a keyword associate with my site in the name box and enter my website address in the appropriate box. This will give you a text link to your site. Its a small thing but helps. Look for blogs that are in your niche or get a lot of traffic. Just remember to post useful comments and not spam.

That is my adsense strategy laid out before you. While it may seem like a lot it can actually be accomplished in 30-35 days. And when you are working with niches that have high payouts but stiff competition going the extra mile can really help you get the edge over your competition.
And if you do this for a niche that pays highly you can easily make $5 per day everyday, multiply that times 5,10,20 or whatever your goals are and you can start earning a nice side income.


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You know what. Im finally glad someone showed a strategy that is more common than what is put out there by most. Most will claim that they only submit 20-25 articles to directories and thats all they do to get a site earning 5-10 a day. It's alot more work than that and you painted a more realistic picture. Thanks for the tips!

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Glad you guys enjoyed it, i hope it helps you make more money!

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Glad it could help you out! If it worked well for you please tell others!

Umberto Pucci said...

You mentioned that you write 30-40 articles over a period of 30 days. You said you submit them at a rate of one per day to about 10 article directories. You also submit them to by hand first and then you submit to the rest of the directories 24 hours later. You also mentioned that you use these articles and as blog content on and

My question is:

Do you split up the 30-40 articles and submit some to and the other 10 article directores and the 2 free blogging platforms....or do you submit the same exact articles to everywhere? What strategy do you use? I am worried about being flagged for duplicate content by Google!

Should we submit the same 30-40 articles to ezinearticles, the same 30-40 articles to the 10 article directories, the same 30-40 articles to, and the same 30-40 articles to Won't this flag us as having duplicate content?

This was a great post and I was wondering your opinion on the duplicate content issue...since we are using the same 30-40 articles on different areas?

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly helpful!! If you can't answer this here, can you would possibly make this separate post on your blog?

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Hey DS,

Good strategy, I was doing 2 to article every 3 days and submitting. You left a good article directory out ArticlesBase. You did go further with using Spyfu, blogger, pinging and social media which I need to do. So,you prefer unique articles over copies in each directory. I have a auto submitter submit eaze and ContentSolution rewriter which also changes synonyms. 14 different articles in 50 minutes is extremely quick. tough. too I am also a proud Dad and understand the hours needed in these tough times. Thanks said...

Lucky me find this blog, I still need more information how to find a niche? I still can't figure how to get a good niche, some time I go to, ebay or to get some idea about the niche. Could U help me on this?


D S said...

Anything mortgage,insurance or loan related does well. Those are the niches i stick to

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Thanks for an excellent post. I use many of these strategies and they really work. It takes time, but if you stick to this kind of program, you will see results.

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5. I will then go back and social bookmark all my ezinearticles using the tools"

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Also - Do I have to bookmark all the URLs (published in ezinearticle) separately or all in one?? I mean if my 25 articles are published in ezine then Do I have to bookmark all the url under one profile or Should I bookmark each article url (published url page from ezinearticle)separately under different profiles ?


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