Friday, September 12, 2008

Keep Your Earnings High By Avoiding Google Adsense Smart Pricing

All web publishers want to make the most per click from their AdSense accounts. After all the more you make per click the easier it is to make a nice income from Google AdSense. For this reason many people build blogs and websites in the high paying niches and use any means necessary to fill them with content. But as I am about to explain this will do them more harm then good.

Many people think that just the niche alone controls how much you will earn when a website visitor clicks on your AdSense ads. While it is true that the niche does make up a significant part of the pay out equation it is still just a part of it.

As of late the advertisers that use AdWords have been paying rather close attention to the clicks their ads are getting on the AdSense publisher network. They are looking for sites that are sending traffic to them thought AdSense ads that are not converting into business for their company.

Most of these advertisers have been eliminating their AdSense ads from sites that offer no business advantage to them. These are often sites with scraped content, poorly written or overly used PLR materials.

Once the higher paying advertisers start to filter their ads from your site you will more then likely begin to see a reduction in click pay out. Many web publishers attribute this to being smart priced.

Smart pricing is a term to describe Google reducing the amount your site or sites make per click. It is usually noticed when what used to pay a larger amount begins to pay pennies per click.

While Google does occasionally smart price AdSense accounts it is actually more common for advertisers to pull their ads from your site. The frustrating part is that you have noway of knowing what actually happened.

So to avoid a reduction in AdSense click pay outs always write unique useful content for your website or blogs. Even it if takes a little longer to build your site the effort will be worth it in the long run.

Here is a great post by Google about Smart Pricing

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