Thursday, May 7, 2009

Effective Tip For Finding Article Marketing Topics

Just a quick and effective article market tip that i picked up from
digging for gold

Head over to yahoo answers and type in a keyword for your niche in to the Yahoo Answers search box.This will allow you to see what questions are being asked over there that relate to your niche.

Find a few questions that seem like people would commonly ask. Then using the yahoo answers search box put the question in the box and see how many people have looked for that question or related questions. If it seems fairly popular write and answer to that question.

Submit your answer in the form of an article to ezinearticles and other top article directories. Articles that have titles that include phrases like "How can I,How Do I,Will I,How To" Will do very well on the article directories and should drive you some decent traffic to your sites or blogs.

For example if some posts a question "How do I Lose Weight Cheaply" Your article title could be "Weight Loss Tips-How Can I Lose Weight Cheaply"

If you are writing for a new niche you are not quite familiar with You can even use the answers that were given to the question to help you write your own unique article,just make sure to rewrite it in your own words. This simple but effective strategy works well.

There are more useful tips like this in the New Keyword Research Guide Digging For Gold


Electric Airsoft Guns said...

Just awesome! I tried out the yahoo answers tips, and the results were pretty good from some free advice. Then I bought the Digging for Gold Book...the amount of traffic I got in the period following putting those tips into play was amazing.

Online Printing said...

That's a really good and sound suggestion! It would really help come up with good quality, strong keywords. Will keep this in mind, thanks for posting this! :)

D S said...

No problem, i hope it helps you out! This tip and more like it can be found in the new book digging for gold that is available at