Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clickbank Article Marketing-April 2009 Earnings Update

Well its been awhile since i posted last on my progressbut i wanted to report my earnings for April. It was not a very good month. Total profit for the month was $296.88

I did get hammered with an unusual amount of returns in April. The returns amounted to $85.90 so the actual sales for the month were $382.78 but the returns just pulled me down.

I kind of took it real easy in April and did not write that many articles. I am starting again and the sales for the month of May so far are $202.92 with no returns so far this month. So it appears as long as the articles are flowing out the money comes in.

I did have my biggest day online in May as well $73 and change from clickbank and $24 from another affiliate sales through paypal.

I am starting to think that this method of redirecting my domain to the merchants sales page may only have so much potential unless you have thousands of articles out there.

With that said I may switch over to CPA or actual products and article market those and see what happens.

I started to mess with squidoo and try and promote a product ont here. Hopefully that will go well and i will report back on that in the future.

Sorry for the short post but its nice here in Wisconsin and i gotta run outside and play with my kids!

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