Saturday, May 30, 2009

Make Money With Clickbank-My Bum Marketing Plan That Is Simple and Will Work For You!

How To Make Money With clickbank and Bum Marketing

Here is a simple plan that I have been working on that I will be implementing very soon for my clickbank niches.The goal of this plan is to dominate lower competition keywords. If done correctly you could literally own the first page of Google for some keywords!

This is not a million dollar campaign though and may generate a sale or two per day or more or less depending on lots of variables. But if you can pump one of these out a month you could easily be making $100 a day in a few months!

Where To Start

Start by finding a product you want t promote the best place to do this is at clickbank analytics here you can see products and locate products much easier then the clickbank search option lets you. I tend to stick to niches that rarely change and alot of people want. Weight loss is one, it never changes and people will always want it. Where something like the nintendo WII has a limited life. Choose you niches wisely so they last along time!

The very next thing you need to do is find 30 low competition keywords for your product that you think you can dominate easily. There are many ways to do this but i have found that googles keyword tool works the best.

The subject of keyword research can take up a whole book so i will leave it at that.If you want a few advanced keyword research techniques that are out of the box and very effective check out

After You Have Your Keywords

Start out by starting a squidoo lense based around three low competition keywords in your niche. You can do more but i find that if written well and set up right three lenses work out well for me.

I try and setup my lenses around problem keywords instead of general ones. What i mean is set them up so they help people solve a problem. For example the keyword "How To Make My Belly Flatter" would probably peak more interest then "weight Loss"

To build a squidoo lense the right way I recommend One Week Marketing. It will walk you through a lens setup step by step and give you valuable tips that will help yo make money fast!

Once Your Lenses Are Built

Next by a domain name relative to your offer and use it to redirect to your clickbank offer. I use since they are reliable, priced well and let you redirect for free so no hosting is needed!

Try and get something that is related to your niche,if you are in the bowling niche a domain name like would work!

Start Writing Articles!

Next I write 10 articles to link to each lense (30 articles total) and submit them to the best article directory on the internet first. Each article is roughly 250-300 words and will include an anchor text link to my squidoo lense and and regular old with a redirect link to the offer i am promoting.

Once this is done I take these articles and rewrite each one 6 times. You can do this by hand or use a article spinner, i use Magic Article Rewriter its not free but it is very much worth it if you are serious about making money. Just remember to spin both the title and resource boxes to get maximum effect and google rankings!

When I have my spun article i submit them to the following article directories. Keep in mind you do not have to spin them all at once. I usually spin one or two a day due to time constraints!

I also will auto submit them to 100 other low PR directories once the articles are approved at the main directories. I use Article Post Robot to automate the mass submission. The great part is that you can load content in spinning syntax into APR and it will submit a unique article to each directory.

In Addition To The Article Directories

Next I start two FREE blogger blogger blogs and post one of the spun articles on each one. This gives me two free blogs with 30 posts each at the end. You can use wordpress as well but i prefer blogger and its ease of use. Plus i get less spam comments from blogger blogs

Bookmarking Your Blogs and Squidoo Lenses

I do not go social book marking crazy all i do is use the two most powerful social sites that i know of digg and propeller.I digg each blog post and squidoo lense also I submit each post to propeller. At propeller get about 25 friends and join relative groups and share each submission with the groups and your friends. They will prop your story and get it seen more and ranking better.

Just make sure your titles are the low competition keyword you are targeting and usually these will show up in Google within hours.

Your post will get propped and usually rank well in google and drive traffic to your blogs. Most article directories cannot be bookmarked so do not even try! Try and get as many friends as you can to help yo prop your articles. Submit some mainstream news stories every so often to avoid looking like a spammer

I also submit the RSS feeds from my blogger blog,article directories and squidoo lenses to the popular RSS directories (you can also start your own ezine here)

In addition I also submit both my blogs to this site alone brings in a few visitors a day so its worth , best part is it's.

Once this plan is complete I have 120 articles,two blogs with 30 pages each and three squidoo lenses,rss feed directories all getting traffic and making me money.

At this point I say move onto another niche and let this one run it course and see how the sales go.If researched correctly and using well written articles this plan should generate about50-100 hops per day. I will leave the campaign alone at this point but if the sales come in and If it looks good then write more articles and promote it more.

If it does not perform then all you have lost is time, and it should make a sale here and there so its not a total loss!

I will be posting some tricks i use for article marketing, blog set up and other things that help just a little bit!

Additional FREE Things you Can Do To Drive Traffic and Make Sales

place craigslist ads

free ads on

comment on relative blogs and hubpages

participate in related forums and use your signature to promote your blogs.

use yahoo answers and answerbag and answer relative questions and link to yor blogs and articles


Deb- Social Work Ideas said...

I like this plan. Is the idea that you will get more organic traffic? In the previous post it seemed you were questioning the idea of just using domain redirection. Is this new approach to have a little hub and get traffic to the squidoo and blogger blogs? How low in competition would you focus?


D S said...

I think that domain redirection is good but it leaves little option to presell people or capture traffic in other ways.

The plan is based around the idea that google will return two results per page so in theory you could have all 10 spots on the front page plus some on the second page if you rewrite your articles good enough.

It is also based on a having huge net of FREE or low cost resources capturing people and being used to drive people to the sales page.

I like squidoo because my recent lenses have ranked well and they can be set up quickly and easily.

If you link everything to get they will also be cross promoting each other. You blogger blog can link out to your squidoo lenses plus you redirect offer, your squidoo lense can have your article directory RSS feed on it.

The combination's are endless and in the end can capture more traffic and also keep people reading YOUR content longer!

Mike said...

Really helpful thread, opened my eyes to a few things I have been overlooking. Been following you on WarriorForum and well done on your first and second $100 days.

Sam Stives said...

Thanks for the useful info!

D S said...

thanks for the kind words guys!

Ryan said...

This seems like a lot of work. I can see the potential in my future. I only have so much time to do this as I have a full time job. What I am wondering is if I link to my redirect page from a squidoo lens - if that is allowed - would I still get sales? What I fail to understand is why you have to write 10 articles linking to your lens and your redirect page if you can promote your lens and have the links to your redirect coming from your lens.

D S said...

I also work full time and have two kids 6 and 4. I work on my lunch hour at work and an hour or two a night. Trust me you have the time just find it!

Grab a voice recorder and speak articles into it on the way home from work. Anything to make use of idle time!

Since i get two links at ezinearticles i like to link to the squidoo lense and the redirect. I do it because that is how i prefer to do it. You can do whatever method works for you!

I also have links to the sales page on my lenses. It is allowed just do not get to carried away wit them or your lense can get banned. Keep them to around 5 or 6 out bound links

Brett said...

Hi, I found you through Warrior Forum and was very impressed with how thorough the post was. I get tired of reading esoteric SEO/link building blogs with no real meat to them so this was refreshing for me. I will be bookmarking!

D S said...

Glad you liked it!! Sign up for my list in the upper right hand corner and i will email you more tips like this!

martyweil said...

This is very good advice, but I do not fully understand how to implement one element of the direction. That is, after buying a domain name, what is meant exactly by "use it to redirect to your clickbank offer."

It's probably obvious, but I'm confused as to what this entails. Could you provide a clarification on the steps involved in taking this action. Thanks.