Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My First $100 dollar day on clickbank

I had my first $100 dollar day on clickbank and managed to do it two days in a row. All it took was some promoting of my articles and sending visitors to a review page instead of just redirecting. Although as i write this post I have no sales but its early so hopefully I get a few today! Nothing worse then those clickbank zeros!!


Anonymous said...

Hey this is great news. Do you think it's due to the niche itself? Are you doing all the articles to one niche? Also are you doing backlinks to the articles themselves and sending them to multiple directories or just sticking with ezinearticles?


D S said...

The main article is from a directory that deals with the a specific niche. I never thought that i could get that much traffic from an article directory other then ezinearticles!

And yes i am building links to the articles but cannot reveal what i am doing as the person who is helping me made me promise to keep it quite.

I think the review page helped out, the traffic is the same but the conversions are much higher, plus more people buy the upsell now adding $18 to my commission.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. I can appreciate you want to keep some tips to yourself! How many articles would you say point to the review page and would you say that most of the articles you write are on page 1 of google ? I started backlinking to my articles and finds it helps.