Friday, February 13, 2009

Earnings With Clickbank Article Marketing

Since i have been reporting on my clickbank earnings i thought i would post some proof of what i am posting. Here is a screen shot i took at 8:50 CST on the 13th of February. As you can see i have good days and bad days for sales. But with consistent effort and work my earnigns and sales are starting to pick up more and more.

I would never go back to adsense again after getting my clickbank efforts to start producing a profit for me.

I do not miss that feeling of wondering about being Adsense compliant of if i am getting click bombed or anything else that would jeopardize my account.

All of my efforts were done with free methods like article marketing, craigslist, blog comments and other popular free methods.

While these earnings are not huge by clickbank standards they are a decent side income for me and i feel good about going from zero clickbank sales to a few hundred a month in 2 and a half months.

As of February 12th i had earned $250.45 in sales that puts me at $20.87 a day. Since i was making between $25 and $30 a day with adsense I am thrilled with those numbers!!

February 1st-12th Clickbank Earnings Shot


Deb said...

These are nice results and it's great you feel more free using clickbank. Can I ask you if you use a specific method for blog comments and craigslist?

Also you had written that you were using a re-direct for ezinearticles. Do you still do that for that product or did you develop a full site? If you developed a site or blog, how often do you update it?


Jared said...

i have been reading your blog for a month but have not commented i.e. lurking:p..

anyway congratulations on your clickbank efforts. I am inspired by how you have gone from zero to abt $20 / day using clickbank, even though u lost your adsense account. I myself am using adsense only and hope to be able to do more affiliate marketing but have been unsuccessful to sales:(

Jared L

deals2save said...

Thanks for the informative article. Never new abut the clickbank website. Would definitely like to try it. - Sudipta

FaridSulaiman said...

Clickbank give a good return if you know the method. Patient is the word to success in clickbank.

I still learning about clickbank.

Organic Soap said...

I'd love to hear how Feb turned out. Also do you still all the steps you mentioned in your sept post- ie using weebly, squidoo and hub pages? In October I think you didn't mention all those steps in your post but mostly just posting to your blog as well as submitting to top 20 or so article directories after re-writing. I also work f/t so am trying to figure out best use of time- ie mostly concentrate on ezinearticles and how much backlinking to do.


D S said...

Hey guys, sory it took so long to publish your comments. I have been so busy i just have not had the chance.

My february sales fell off at the end of the month, I did make $463.42 for the month though.

Weird thing about hte dropped sales is I have the same traffic and amount of hops but not the sales to back it up?

I think alot has to do with the economy and i will keep doing what i have been doing and should hopefully be much farther ahead when things turn around.

I do not use weebly or any of the others right now. all i am doing is submitting to ezinearticles,amazine, goarticles and articledashboard.

I am also using my older published articles on a blog. Actually getting google traffic tot he blog even with unaltered articles as content!