Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Article Marketing Clickbank Products Update

Well the month of January was OK total sales for that month were $305.03 Not that great but much better then when i started out. February is starting out great. I started promoting a new product that pays out over $20 per sale and over $40 if they buy the up sell. I sold 4 a the end of January so that helped boost the earnings.

So far a few have bought the up sell and sales so far for February are $65.06 which makes me feel pretty good considering it is only the third day of the month so i feel i should easily pass last months $300 mark.

The new product i am promoting i have been using article marketing, and a few other free methods like blog comments and craigslist so it has really not cost me anything to increase my earnings accept time. I am averaging about a sale per 150 hops which to me is not to bad.

I did accomplish getting to #1 author in my first niche and having 11 out of 15 spots in the most viewed articles section at ezinearticles which i am sure is helping to fuel sales of the older product i promoted. I have 132 live articles for the product I am promoting.

My goal is to have at least 3-4 good campaigns up this year to help increase my income, i am going to stick to things people like and need. Weight loss, make money and maybe one more that i have yet to decide.

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