Sunday, March 1, 2009

February clickbank article marketing update

my february sales were doing great then suddenly decreased. I still finished up the month with a total sales commisions of $463.42 it was $488.34 but i had one return.

So far that is the only return i have had so i must be picking good products!!

I am not sure why may sales decreased, i have the same amount of hops but the sales dropped off.I am thinking it is the economy and people are nervous about buying anything right now.

Additionally i had alot of my ads removed from craigslist and i think alot of my sales were coming from there.

I am re evaluating my craigslist plan and will report how that goes.

The first day of march looked good with $47.72 as of 3:30 pm CST so maybe that will be an indicator that things will turn around for me.

I have to do better then last month or i will be frustrated to say the least.

And again all the sales are either from craigslist ads or ezinearticles redirecting right to the merchants sales page and no website of my own.


gpk said...


It's fruitful to read some of your posts here. Just wondering are you currently concentrating on one niche to make that kind of monthly sales?

Thanks for sharing.

D S said...

I have two niches. One pays out rather low at just under $8 per sale but i knew so much about this niche that i slammed out 150 articles pretty quick and that helped bring some money back in.

I recently moved onto another niche that pays out between $17-$40 depending if the buy the upsells or not. I have about 65 article live for that niche as well.

Farid said...

It hard toma make a consistent sales for clickbank, since I'm new in this clickbank, how I want to Identify great product that can sell?


D S said...

Its hard to say, some people say go for high gravity not popularity. I say find something that will always be popular like weight loss, cellulite reduction ETC and pick a product that has a great sales page and go from there.

Of course I am far from a Clickbank expert but fiugred I would stick to stuff people would always want.

For example i would never promote a playstation 3 product because it has a limited life, but weight loss products will always be desired.

Farid said...

Thanks D S.

clare said...

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