Monday, January 5, 2009

Different Uses For Instant Article Wizard

Over the last week i have been using blog commenting and commenting on hubpages to bring in more traffic to my clickbank product pages. Some niches were easy because i knew alot about them.

While others I knew very little about and i had to think about what to type or quickly research an intelligent comment. That took to much time.

To get around the time issue i was using i got an idea to use Instant Article Wizard to generate information i could use to post an intelligent on topic comment. I worked out very well and none of my comment got deleted as spam and all were published.

Another thing i used Instant Article Wizard for recently was to write product reviews. I never thought of using it like this before but it worked great. I just typed something like "cannon digital cameras are"

Instant Article Wizard would then return hundreds of sentences that started with that specific term. Writing a review about the topic was very easy.

You could get even more specific and use actual product names and write a review or product overview really fast.

Instant article wizard definitely has more uses then just writing articles and having found a new use for an old tool is something that makes me pretty happy.

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