Sunday, December 28, 2008

Article Marketing And Clickbank Progress

Well after my great week sales dropped off the face of the earth which i attribute to the Christmas holiday rush. I had no sales from December 20th-25th. But i did have two on the 26th and two more on the 28th. So i think that now that Christmas has passed people should be getting back to normal again and sales should pick up.

I wrote a few more articles and will be writing at least 30 this week but am shooting for 50 to have at last 130 live articles for this product. I have 80 live so far.

I did learn one valuable lesson recently. I had a sale that gave me about half of what i normally make for commission. I emailed the merchant directly and they told me they list the percentage of sale on clickbank based off the customer buying an up sell they offer not off the actual product price. They claim most people take the up sell so they feel OK about listing it this way.

Most of my sales took the up sell so its not that big a deal but something to be aware of and double check. Only two out of twenty four sales did not take it so at this point I am ok with it.

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