Friday, August 14, 2009

My New and Effective Article Marketing Strategy For Clickbank Products

I recently have started to change the way i article market. I used to just blast out a bunch of articles per niche at and hope for the best. While this system worked it just was not something I wanted to keep doing, mind you I was writing about 150-200 articles per niche myself to save money. Sales from this system were OK but sporadic at best. I was redirecting the traffic right to the sales page with little else.

I needed Something New

I was thinking of ways to get away from this method but kept drawing a blank, everything i read says blast out articles as fast as possible right!!

Well i strayed from the normal advice and it has been paying off nicely with a sale happening at least every day. As i write this I have made $69.17 On Clickbank so far today and am averaging around $50-$60 per day now. Not guru earnings but enough to change my life and improve the life of my family.

What Have I Been Doing to Bump Up My Sales

Well to start most of my sales are coming from only 10 articles, yes only 10 articles!!! Now on to what i am doing, although i won't reveal it all i will give you enough to get you going.

I started by finding an article directory that was showing up for Google searches in my niche and one that was low key enough to be able to bookmark at the popular social bookmarking sites!! Just search for some keywords and look, you may have to jump back a few pages to find the lesser known directories.

For keyword research i recommend and use digging for gold

Next i wrote 10 articles around some competitive keywords that got at least 5000-7000 searches per month. I also picked keywords that were people looking to get advice. For example instead of writing an article about weight loss i would write about losing the last 5 pounds or something like that!!

I also rewrote these articles and did submit them to as well as the lesser known directory that i found.

The articles were only 350-400 words and followed this format

1.state a problem
2.make the problem worse with an example
3. tell them one tip how to fix it
4. offer the solution in my resource box

I used the old article marketing tactics. bullet points, sub heading and two or three sentence paragraphs.

When The Article Were Done

I then bookmarked each article.This is where finding a low key directory is important. Most bookmarking sites have blacklisted ezinearticles but some lesser known directories can be bookmarked with no problems.

Next i used profile links at popular web 2.0 sites

For every site i signed up at i would do a full profile, upload a picture and then write my bio with two keyword anchor text links in my bio pointing to my articles at ezinearticles and the other directory i used. It worked like magic. In fact these links are responsible for me ranking for some very tough keywords!

What Are Profile Links

Profile links are links at popular sites like where you get a personal blog or profile page where you can leave a bio with an HTML anchor text link. Just make sure to write a good bio and not just plug in your link. Keep the links to about one or two per profile. Make sure to ping the profiles you create at

Profile Link Services I Use

PJ'S BackLinks

Angelas Backlinks

Next was the big booster that has worked like a charm.

I used two tools for this step.

The first is Magic Article Re writer and the second is Article Post Robot.

Magic Article Rewriter is a semi manual article spinner that is jammed full of features. What you do is enter alternate words in brackets and the program will generate article from those alternates.

for example you a sentence would look like this i need to {buy|purchase|get a hold of|grab|get} a new {car}automobile|ride|set of wheels} very soon.

There are so many features in this software thats it blows the other article re writers like power article re writer out of the water.

To see it in action check out this video

The developer of this software also offers an article submitter. It works OK but only submits to directories that use the articledashboard software so you are limited some what when compared to article post robot. But it does sign you up automatically which is a nice feature!

Once your whole article is set up like that you can either hit a spin button and make as many unique articles as you want or do what i did.

Once I Set The Article Up To Spin

I then take the whole article with the brackets in place and paste them into Article Post Robot the leading automatic article submitter that can submit to over 400 article directories and spin them as they are submitted.

I set the software up to submit to only directories with a minimum page rank of 3, that worked out to about 55 directories. What these two tools combined allowed me to do was to submit 55 unique articles that had spun article bodies,titles,resource boxes and article descriptions effectively submitting a unique article with a unique title,description and resource box to each directory..

At the end of each article i used an anchor link that was the keywords i wanted the articles to rank for. I pointed this anchor text link to my 10 articles at ezinearticles and the other 10 at the other directory i used for high rankings. In a short time of doing this my articles on both directories were climbing up the Google ladder and i have some that are on the first page of google out of 44,000,000 sites and some of my articles even have a PR 3 and 4 now!

Cool thing is that the traffic from the other directory is about the same as ezinearticles, so it is possible to get traffic from somewhere other then EZA!

So basically i wrote 10 very well written money making articles and promoted the heck out of them. In addition i also took some spun articles and submitted to popular web 2.0 sites like zimbio,wordpress,blogger,wet paint,squidoo,hubpages, ETC and pointed links at these sites at my money articles, my main site and each other!

Where I sent Them When They Clicked Through

My landing page was a real simple page were i put a paragraph pre selling the product and a picture of the product, under the pre sell paragraph i put a click here for more information button. that's it. I am converting one out of every 25 hops with this system and enjoying more free time to boot.

To tune this system I write and spin a new article a week that links to my money making articles and mass submit it with APR, I add a few profile links for each article, and add a post to my blogger and wordpress blogs once every week or two. Other then that the rankings are sticking and traffic is growing.

I know i was brief and If I was unclear about anything i wrote please feel free to ask me a question and i will do my best to try and explain in more detail for you.

This system goes against popular thinking and uses no list to generate sales. I do plan to add a list at a tlater date and see how that ramps up my sales. But until then i am happy with my progress!


Anonymous said...

I was missing your updates and it's great to hear about the success and more free time. I was wondering a few things.

1) How did you see which were your 10 best articles to begin with-were these the ones at ezinearticles using their stats?

2) When you said you wrote 10 new ones too- do you place these on your site - or is your review site the way you described.

3) When you like to the ezinearticles article in the profile pages do you do it to your bio page or to the specific article (if it's the specific article then you can only link to just one right)? Great info and it does seem better to focus and rank for less than to keep throwing things out randomly.

D S said...

I really did not identify what my 10 best articles were. I started from scratch and wrote them fresh base around the keywords i choose to rank for.

I basically rewrote the articles for EZA and the other directory by hand to make them 100% unique. I did not place these on my sites at all just the two directories.

my review site is very basic, just a picture of the product. A short blurb why i like it and a link to click for more information which leads to the merchants sales page.

I link to the specified articles not my bio page when using profile links. Take your time when setting up the profile links though and do them complete, it looks less spammy that way and they tend to stick better.

Gerry from said...

Geez - that was a good read!

Man, it sounds like a lot of work though. Have you really had good results?



Ferguson said...

Is that a combined 5000 - 7000 searches per month for 10 keywords or 5000 - 7000 searches per month per keyword?

D S said...

5000-7000 searches per month per keyword. Although lately i tried to target a keyword that gets over 90,000 searches a month and have a front page listing!!

Ferguson said...

What's the competition criteria for the 5000 - 7000 per month keyword?

What I mean is, how do you know which keyword to target for? What level of competition is acceptable?

D S said...

as long as I am not fighting against BIG authority sites like wikipedia,bankrate,,.gov sites or other really big sites like that then i go for it.

A good optimized article that is heavily back linked can do very well for high competition keywords, but usually hit a wall against the big authority sites.

Deb said...

Are things still going strong or do you need to keep adding backlinks to each article?

Can you say roughly how many backlinks you have per article?

Also you said, "In addition i also took some spun articles and submitted to popular web 2.0 sites like zimbio,wordpress,blogger,wet paint,squidoo,hubpages"

Did you use software to do this or did you do it manually? Do you change the titles each time too? And do you use the exact same anchor text or vary it when you point to the articles. Thanks. And very helpful.

D S said...

i have a few hundred links to each article and continue to build, i use spun articles using Article Post Robot and magic article rewriter.

I hand submit to the web 2.0 properties and use APR for article directories.

APR lets you load a article set up for spinning so that it submits a unique artcle to each directory, i submit to about 60 different ones.

They work like a charm. The links are above in the post

Wayne said...


Great article marketing info - congrats on your continued success. I have also come from the mortgage business (18 yrs in, still in for now). I was looking to contact you but did not see any other way to contact you. Please let me know if there is another way. Thanks.