Monday, March 17, 2008

PLRPro review

I have been a member of PLRpro since September 2007. In this time i have drawn a few conclusion on PLRpro and what i think they do well and what i think they lack and could improve on. Before I give you my opinions on the this membership site here's a basic overview of what a PLRPro membership contains.

Your Membership Includes

440 articles across 11 niches (40 articles in each niche, niches are voted on by the group)
Full keyword research in each niche
Affiliate product lists for each niche
Header Graphics for each niche
5 Website Templates each month
Articles done in 8 languages
50 PR4 sites that you can get links from to get your sites indexed and crawled

Site Builder
Automatic Wordpress Installer-(i have never used this)
Automatic Wordpress Uploader-(i have never used this)
VRE Handbook ( can be rebranded and given away, another nice addition)


With that listed i will begin with the most important part, the articles. The articles i have received from PLRpro have been in my opinion average. Nothing to terrible and nothing that i read and was blown away by either. Some articles have spelling mistakes every so often and a few sentences that just do not make sense. Most articles are over 400 words and i hae yet to see any very short articles around 300 words or so.

See an example of a typical PLRPro Article with copyscape results

Pretty typical for PLR content and when you figure that each article only costs you .22 ($97/440 articles) cents its well worth it. And for that price you cannot expect perfection! Plus you also get them in different languages which increase revenue potential even further.

It is also nice that each article group is limited to 200 people so the competition is much lower then many other PLR groups.

Most of the articles are written around lower competition keywords so thats nice to have! I have been using these articles mostly unchanged and have had very good success with them for adsense earnings and traffic on my static html sites.

Members are allowed to vote on the niches that will be supplied to their group for the month.

Keyword Research

The keyword research provided for the niches is great, it is right from wordtracker and comes in excel format. It has proven very accurate and i frequently will change keywords in articles based off of this list to target less competitive keywords. The fact that you get a wordtracker keyword list adds more to the value of the membership in my opinion.

Affiliate Product Lists

Nothing major here, just a list of products you can promote in the niche your site is in. It is nice to have it all in one easy to reference spot though. This comes in excel format as well.

Header Graphics

I really like the header graphics that PLRpro supplies, they are clean, sharp and pretty well laid out and look very professional. This is a nice touch since many people have no idea how to make one and would rather not use the free ones available online.


I never ventured to far into them but there is wordpress themes HyperVRE templates and XsitePro templates, there is actually quite a few but they do not seem to be updated to much.

Blog Network

They have a cool tool where you can write a short 150-250 word post with some anchor text links to your site and they will post it as a comment on one of the high PR blogs they have. It has really helped get my sites indexed and ranking quickly. This is nice because it gives you some back links right away and as we all know Google loves back links!

Site Builder

PLRPro offers a very cool site builder tool that i use almost exclusively, it allows you to set your keywords and even ill pull the first article paragraph for page description. It generates a HTML site map and a XML site map to submit to Google as well. The system uses some simple tags to insert your content and site navigation links. It will also set certain words to link to affiliate pages. I really enjoy this software and use it with a variety of templates.

Another great thing PLRpro offers is a step by step book that will help you start earning $100 in 90 days. This is great for beginners that are a little lost and overwhelmed. Some of the info in there needs to be updated but it will work as it is written. I follow my own plan however so i cannot say with any experience how well there step by step plan works.

How My PLRPro Sites Perform

All of my PlrPro site have a nice steady flow of traffic, from 10-75 visitors per day. They are all monetized with Adsense and make me between $.25 and $7 per day. I do little to promote them other then social bookmarking them, writing some articles at and a few blog comments. Like any sites the traffic sometimes disappears but always come back! I did have google de index two sites but i think this was from some stupid stuff i tried more then anything else. Overall the investment has made me more money then it costs so i am very happy!


While they offer a lot of great things PLRPro does have a few minor problems.

Forum: The main forum is really not that active and there is not to much knowledge to be gained from it. There are even some questions that should have been answered that were not. although you do not join a PLR group for the forum it is a nice addition when it is filled with active members and informative information. This is not the case with PLRpro's forum.

Article Releases: There seems to be no set schedule for article pack releases, if there is i am missing it. This makes it harder to plan your site building, and article marketing schedules around pack releases. All you can do is check daily and jump on them when they are put up.

All in all the positives out weigh the negatives with PLRpro and if you are looking to start earning with adsense then i think they are a great service and highly recommend them.

You can check out PLRPRO for 14 days for only $1 with no obligation by following this link

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