Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Website

All websites need traffic to succeed, most new website publishers are lost when it comes to driving traffic to their sites and think of it as some sort of black magic secret that is difficult and impossible to do. Nothing could be further from the truth and the easy tips i listed below will hopefully get you going in the right direction

Tip #1

To get maximum one way back links to your site article marketing is by far the best. By submitting unique article to the top directories you get one way links in your author resource box and also links from other webmasters who use your article on there site. The rules say an webmasters using your articles for reprint should leave your resource links in place and in tact, about 60% actually do this but it is well worth it. Submitting 1-2 articles per day based around LOW COMPETITION keywords is the best way. By low competition i mean you should not target the word REFINANCE but instead target a more specific term like CANI REFINANCE WHEN BEHIND ON MY MORTGAGE by doing this your article will more then likely appear on the first page of Google because not many other pages optimize for that term but many do for REFINANCE. In order to find low competition keywords a tool like keyword elite will save you lots of time and gives you not only daily search amounts but also competing page amounts for actual keywords. A tool like this will really let you zero in on low competition keywords and increase your traffic.

The top Article Directories I submit to are as follows: (had a recent PR reduction to PR3 but i get traffic from them)

Always remember to submit original articles to the directories and always use anchor text links in your resource box and write articles around low competition keywords for the maximum effectiveness.

Tip #2

Aside from just writing articles for the article directories you can also approach a webmaster of
a higher PR 4 or higher website that fits your niche and ask them for a one way link to your site in exchange for a unique article. The y basically give you a one way link for your 400 or more word article. Its a win win situation. Although do not settle for a link on some page labeled resources or links, you want a home page or content anchor text link with the keyword of your choice.

Tip #3

The next easy thing to do is to submit your site to free web directories, its easy to do and very
effective. Keep in mind that alot of free web directories require a link back to there site before
they will add you, the alternative is to pay to have your link added. A paid link is added much
faster and generally will not require a back link. It can however get expensive. A great tool
that can make directory submission very fast and easy is directory submitter pro.

Tip #4

Placing classified ads at US Free Ads is another way to get one way links and more traffic to
your site. For $12 a year you can have up to 40 ads running all pointing to your website with
anchor text links. Or for $10 a month you can have unlimited ads. For US Free Ads I write a
250-300 word article and include one anchor text link to a content page on my site and one to an ezine article that i wrote. If you chose low competition keywords your ads will in most cases show up on the first page of Google within an hour, i have had ads appear in 5 minutes at times! Google currently loves us free ads so it is worth taking the time to utilize it. Plus the extra link juice to your articles helps them place well.

Tip #5

Even though they are considered out dated and ineffective you can still get some traffic from
reciprocal links. using a service like link market is a way to get RELATED links to your site.
The only drawback to this service is that you will get many requests for links. I have limited my
self to only taking PR 4 links and higher and only request 5 a week or so. That way you will
build them more slowly and can be more picky. I stop when my link page hits 100 of these. No
reason just a number i have in my head and since it is perceived Google frowns on pages of links
100 is a safe bet.

Tip #6

Posting comments to high blogs with a PR of 3 and higher is another great way to get one way anchor text back links. To do this just put your anchor text in the box for your name and then your website link. Just be sure that the comment you add actually is useful and not just a general "great post" comment. Also make sure that the blog does not have a nofollow attribute for links, this can be found in the source code.

Tip #7

A quick post on San Francisco craigslist in the real estate section is a great way to get a high PR one way back link. Only problem is that it expires after 30 days so use them for getting a site indexed quickly or just add new ones every 30 days. I usually write a 200 word blurb about my service and use and anchor text link in the ad. Offer something unique and you may even get some phone calls!

Tip #8

Social bookmarking is a great way to gain back links and get some traffic to your site. Social bookmarking is basically a place where users can submit websites and page s they like. The most popular is a good article that gets dugg to the front page can bring you thousands of visitors. To do this esily try the free tools at and these will make submitting your site to the social bookmarking sites fast and easy.

Although there are many more ways to get traffic to your site these are the easiest and have been the most effective for me and hopefully they will help you to!

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