Saturday, April 5, 2008

Article Marketing Tips-Getting Maximum Exposure For Your Articles

When it comes to article marketing the best directory hands down is not only are articles from this article directory indexed quickly but they also rank very well on Google, seeing a front page listing is not uncommon if you chose your keyword right. One well written article can bring you hundreds of visitors overnight. But not every article you write is going to be a slam dunk traffic driving monster. Some articles may not get viewed much, rank well on Google or no matter what you do people will just not click your resource box links.

I would like to share with you what i do to avoid this problem and increase my articles chances of being an effective traffic producing tool. Look at the bottom of ezinearticles (see photo) and you will see three categories. They are the most recent articles, most published and most viewed articles. If you look at articles in the most viewed categories and find similarities in them you can use this to your advantage.

An article that makes it into the most viewed or most published is huge for that articles traffic potential because a link to that article will show up on every article within that category, that is huge in terms of potential traffic. When you are examining the current most viewed articles look for things like keywords, where the keyword is in the title, keyword density, article layout and article length. You may find that 400 word articles with "How To" in the title are doing very well or that a certain keyword is dominating, all this is valuable information to you and you should use it to format your own articles. A great FREE tool for analyzing articles keyword density and length is availible at

After you find some similarities you can then write your own articles that have been optimized for maximum views. As simple as this sounds it is very effective and has increased my articles traffic and adsense earnigns substantially.


Easy Airsoft Maintenance said...

I agree on Ezine Articles, but what do you think about I've been writing a few articles on it with great success. Do you think your principals would apply there also?

D S said...

hubpages is good but the methds will not really apply there because they do not list the most popular hubs on other but insead list related hubs. i guess you could see what hubs similar to yours have a high rating and base a hub around that.