Thursday, February 21, 2008

How I came To Be Involved With Adsense

A brief overview of my history and how i came to Internet marketing. I began my working career as a tool and die maker back in 1992 at the young age of 18. I really never liked it much but never quite made the career change i always wanted. Most of that was due to the fact that by 22 i was making a tad under $50,000 a year working 45-50 hours a week. Not bad for a kid who still lived at home!! In 2002 i started my first business online, i was a reef aquarium supply E-tail store and it did better then i expected. My 2nd year sales were around $250,000 but I only cleared $22,000 and was working full-time on the store after working full time in the shop. Needless to say with the small amount of money being made, dealing with the rude customers and increasingly junk products made in china i decided to call it quits in 2004. At that time i was given the opportunity to become a mortgage broker and decided to leap at the opportunity. I did pretty well and continued on in to 2006. At this time the company i was working for went out of business and a large amount of my commissions went unpaid. That landed me right back in the Tool and Die Shop were i still currently am working. I started my Internet marketing back in march of 2007 after reading about adsense in a magazine article and slapped it up on my mortgage site and made $11 the first month. After that i was hooked and began to promote my site more and build smaller niche sites built around adsense and have to been able through this small network of about 11 sites generate between $800-1000 a month with only adsense. While this is not a huge amount of money compared to some marketers it is a amount that can improve your lifestyle and be easily attainable on a part time basis

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