Sunday, August 31, 2008

Increase Your Adsense And Afilliate Earnings With The Right Simple System

Just writing your content will not ensure that you earn money online. Even just writing your blog, website content or hubpages does not guarantee that people will even visit them. When i first started about a year ago I put up my first website monetized with Google AdSense and waited for the money to roll in. It never happened, in fact i got about 1 visitor a day with that first site but was determined to not give up. I knew there was way to get people to my websites and hubpages that would click the AdSense ads or buy the affiliate products i was offering. Once i figured it out I took my Google Adsense earnings to an average of $1000 per month and a few hundred in affiliate earnings as well. Not a huge million dollar pay day but enough to change my life style in a good way!

I bought a ton of ebooks, joined membership courses that promised the world and then it hit me. After cycling through all the crap i found a system that worked for me and it works very well. I will out line the system below in hopes that it will help struggling authors and other people trying to make money online reach their goals. The information may not be what some people agree with but it does work for me. So without further ramblings here is my system.

First you need to know what people are looking for. this is done easily with some simple keyword research. Alot of people put tons of time and effort into keyword research. In my opinion i would rather do something productive then run theoretical tests all day! With that in mind I head over to the Google Keyword tool and enter in the main keyword i am writing about. For example if i am writing about "Credit Repair" i will enter "Credit Repair" in the keyword box. Next i set the keyword options to exact match and hit enter. I look for keywords that have at least 300 monthly searches and medium to little competition. The Google tool shows monthly searches and the average competing web pages.

I then head over to the FREE keyword tool at word tracker and do the same thing. Only difference is at word tracker they show daily searches and you have to take the keywords and enter them into a Google search to see the competition. I will also enter the keyword in quotes like this "credit repair" this will return alot less competing pages but it does tell me a little closer how many other web pages are competing for this same term. If you get results under 10,000 its pretty easy to rank for in most cases, unless the sites listed are wikipedia, and sites like that. In an instance like that move onto the next keyword because those sites are almost impossible to knock off.

With this method i will get my keyword list together and start to write my hubpagess, website content or blog posts. If i am having trouble writing articles I will use this awesome tool that has helped me tremendously when i have writers block or a in a jam.

Once i have my site or blog up and going i head over to and social bookmark it here and at I then wait for them to get indexed at Google, this normally takes 24-48 hours after bookmarking them. Hubpages usually index much faster since Google crawls them more frequently. If you are making a blog also make sure to ping them at or pinging lets Google know you updated your blog and they will send their Google Bots to check it out.

Site indexing means that Google is aware your site or blog, or hub exists and puts it in their database. The easiest way to check this is to enter in a Google search. If your site pops up you are indexed. It may not index all your pages at one time put as long as the home page is there its on to the next step.

I then write a few articles about the subject matter at hand. I keep these article at about 300 words and write one per day for the next 10 days. After each one is submitted i submit them to the top article directories that consist of the following directories. Article marketing is a powerful way to drive traffic to your sites and gain back links. However it does take a not to explain in detail, and while i may do a separate article on it i feel the best place to get that information is this Ebook which has taught me a TON of valuable information and totally paid for itself many times over!

Ezinearticles (this is by far the best)





I always submit to ezinearticles first then 48 hours later i submit to the rest of them. I use a tool called Article Post Robot that allows to me to spin the article, title and resource box to be different at each article directory.

Once i have my article submitted i move on to the next key word in my niche and start the process over. While it may seem like i did not reveal any super duper secrets to you i did tell you how to apply yourself and get traffic to your blog or website quickly, easily and consistently. And that is the key to making money online, hard work and consistency.

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