Saturday, August 2, 2008

Very Nice And Very Inexspensive Adsense Website Templates Package

I am not one to normally buy adsense website templates and usually make my own site templates on frontpage. I feel that most of these packages are over priced and really offer nothing that special, or offer layouts that really push Google Adsense TOS and could get you banned. But recently i did come across some really nice templates for super cheap.

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What is nice about these templates is that for only $17 USD you get 12 really nicely laid out templates with very professional graphics that match niches. Super sharp graphical headers for home loans, auto, medical and much more. These templates will give your sites a professional appearance and stand out nicely compared to alot of what i have seen people use for adsense sites.

In addition to the adsense templates with graphics you get 12 extras with just colored headers. With all templates you get the PSD file as ell so you can edit the headers any way you like. All in all they are a great deal for the small amount of money they cost.

Clcik Here To Learn More About These Templates

I have a few sites with this adsense website template and they have been performing really good. I did notice when i switched one of my lower performing sites to the new template style my CTR went up and the visitors stayed on the site much longer. I think the templates make the sites appear more professional to the user and not some site made to just show ads.

I do modify them just a bit so they are more to my liking. What i do is to get rid of the video unit and small skyscraper ad unit next to it and replace them with ONE 336 x 280 adsense unit and that has been working great.

Clcik Here To Learn More About These Templates

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