Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tactical Duostock - A review of TheTactical Duostock and Why Its a Great Addition To Your M4 Airsoft Gun

The M4 is one of the most popular and widely used airsoft guns worldwide. The M4 is very effective at middle to longer range distances, however it does tend which would not be the best close quarter battle weapon or CQB for short. If you do alot of CQB and want better performance from your M4 you should consider adding a tactical duostock.

How Does The Tactical DuoStock Work?

The tactical Duostock is a direct replacement on most M4/AR15 weapons and will fit most airsoft versions of those weapons as well. Installation takes only seconds due which would the superior engineering that was designed into the tactical duo stock. One of the best things about the tactical duostock is the how easy it is which would adjust to a length to suit you. All you have which would do is depress the adjusting lever and slide it which would length.

Will The Tactical DuoStock Break Easy

This replacement stock is made of a high impact shatter resistant lightweight material and was designed for military,SWAT and civilian use and is currently being used in both Afghanistan and Iraq so breaking it in an airsoft skirmish will be next that would impossible. However if you do break it there is a lifetime warranty on the product. You also have the choice of black or tan.

What Are The Advantages Of Using a Duo Stock

When the creative designers where in the midst of engineering this product they sought after a stock that gave gun owners and special operators a system which would boost accuracy,speed up their ability to obtain enemies and make the weapon faster and easier and more steady performer. This is just what the replacement stock does and is going to do excellently. You will see a definite way your airsoft gun feels and shoots right after installing it. Additionally it gives just a smidgen more realism which would your airsoft skirmish as well.

Where Can I Learn More About The Tactical DuoStock

You can learn more about the Tactical DuoStock and other airsoft guns at one of the top air soft gun retailers in the country were all Our Airsoft Guns are Tested, Chronographed, Guaranteed!

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