Saturday, April 24, 2010

SEO Tips - My Basic SEO Plan and Advice To Help Your Sites Rank Well

I have been working pretty hard the last year in an attempt to get one of my pages to rank well for a vry competitive keyword inside my niche. According to Googles keyword tool that keyword gets just under 100,000 exact phrase searches a month and over 500,000 broad phrase matches. I recently go  it to rank #2. Although it does still bounce daily between 4 and 2 most times it is #2!

Below i will go over what i did to get there. Obviously i won't give it all away but it will list some basics that i know work and work well. There are some products i used to help me get here. I will mention them and put the links at the end of this post.

To start with i knew that to get to the top i had to know what the others that were ranking for the keyword were doing so i bought Seo Spyglass. This allowed my to very quickly analyze my competitors links and get to work with getting my links on the same forums, sites, blogs and directories. I spent about an hour a night building links on blogs and forums i found with SEO Spyglass. I only used links from the top three sites in Google for my chosen keyword, i excluded any wikipedia or other mega authority sites in my analyzing.

Next i made it a point to write one article per day for my niche. I would submit this article to Ezinearticles and articlesbase,goarticles and articleslash. I would then use Magic Article rewriter to set the article up for spinning and mass submit using both  Magic Article Submitter and Article Post Robot. I probably hit about 1000 directories with this method.

To spin the article i would spin each sentence in its entirety and give it three new sentences, i would then go back and spin words within each sentence with new synonyms. This would give me articles that were very unique. I did the same for the title and resource box. I would use two anchor text links per article one pointing to my main site and the other i would rotate with various URLS of articles, blog posts,web 2.0,profile links, ETC that i posted that were pointing back to my main page. I hope that makes sense!

I used two different submitters because each has its own advantages. I like Magic Article Submitter Because it automatically signs up and creates accounts for you and Article Post Robot Submits More Consistently it seems. Although magic article submitter can easily blast out to hundreds of directories within minutes where as you have to manually sign up with Article Post Robot!

In addition Magic Article Submitter checks the status of your articles and tell you if they accepted, declined or still in review and gives you the URL of accepted articles. You can then take these article URLS and promote them as well to give more back link juice ot your  main page.

I also had a network of web 2.0 properties such as blogger,xnaga,wetpaint,hubpages and sites like that. I posted spun content to them as well. Sometimes i would make them into a link wheel type system other times i would just post straight to them linking to my mian page. I would then promote these pages as well to give their out going links more juice! You can do this by hand or use Web Link Robot 2.0 which auto mates the whole system!

I used many different methods to promote my site and feeder pages. I bought some WSO blog comment packages and also used profile links as well. The profile links i got were from WSO offers that were giving hundreds of profiles. I had about 2000 profile links to use. I then had an outsourcer add 15 profiles a day every day from these lists. I always had them use a different user name for each profile and only had 1-3 outbound links to vagarious sites but always my main page!

 Aside from profile links i would do some hand commenting on blogs i found. I also used Socialbot and RSS bot to submit alot of stuff to social sites and the RSSbot i used by turning alot of my sites from HTML in RSS using

I also made use of Free Traffic system in order to get FREE contextual anchor text links. This system lets you submit article that will be posted on relevant blogs for free and will give you up to 2 anchor text back links! Best thing is that you can submit article in spinning syntax and they will post unique articles. You can pull the proper spinning format from magic article rewriter!

That is it in a nutshell, obviously i left some SECRET stuff out that i learned along the way but this should get anyone started down the right path and ranking well. I committed 2 hours a night to this effort plus my 1/2 hour lunch break at work!

Products I Used To Help My Efforts

Seo Spyglass

Magic Article Rewriter

Magic Article Submitter

FREE Traffic System

Article Post Robot

Web Link Robot 2.0

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