Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free and Easy Way To Get Backlinks For Your Website or Blog

Everyone knows that backlinks are required to help your site rank well and move up Googles ladder! The problem for most people though is actually getting those backlinks. Well here is a great way to get backlinks easily and for FREE!

Its called Free Traffic System. This is a blog network that allows you to submit an article into the network and choose up to 30 blogs that will republish your article with  two anchor text links of your choice. The system was designed to not leave a footprint for Google to find and has been helping my rankings nicely!

Another great feature of this network is that you can even submit articles with spin syntax in place in order to submit unique articles to each blog, the sytem will spin the article as it submits it so it is hands off for you.

I use Magic Article Rewriter to quickly set up my articles in spin format to submit to Free Traffic System.

 The nice part is that Free Traffic System will post to just a few blogs a day and space the postings out over a period of time to build links quicker.

You even get a report of how many times your articles have re posted and the titles of that articles, you do not get the URLS of the blogs though!

Free Traffic System also allows you to submit a blog to have content posted to through the network. Your blog will receive fresh content almost daily, put some adsense or affiliate ads on the site and you have a income earner on auto pilot!

Check out Free Traffic System  and Magic Article Rewriter today!

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